What does tungsten carbide coating do?

What does tungsten carbide coating do?

Tungsten Carbide (WC) is an extremely hard ceramic material in the form of grey fine powder particles. This material exhibits excellent wear, abrasion and scratch resistance due to its high hardness. It shields the surface from damage and other surface-based attacks like corrosion, erosion, and fatigue.

What is carbide coating?

Carbide coatings are typically used for wear resistance to abrasion, erosion, galling, and fretting. Most “carbide” coatings are applied by HVOF to achieve the densest and most well-bonded coatings available by thermal spray. Plasma sprayed carbide coatings may be selected to achieve a higher texture “as sprayed”.

Which of the following applications does a tungsten carbide coating provide?

One of the most important applications of tungsten carbide is to create tools for machining. These tools take advantage of the abrasion-resistance and heat-resistance of the material. They are commonly used in situations where steel would wear down too quickly, such as high-precision or quantity production.

Can you coat something tungsten?

Tungsten carbide coatings can be applied with several coating processes including HVOF, Plasma, and others. The HVOF coating process offers the lowest porosity and highest bond strength of the coating processes available.

Is carbide stronger than steel?

Carbide is much harder than steel and much more resistant to heat. Although a carbide-tipped tool is more expensive than a comparable tool which has steel cutting edges, carbide is more economical because it lasts much longer.

What is the melting point of tungsten carbide?

5,198°F (2,870°C)Tungsten carbide / Melting point

What is cold spray coating?

Cold spray is an emerging spray coating technology during which process spray particles take place through intensive plastic deformation upon impact in a solid state at temperatures well below their melting points. Therefore, spray particles experience little oxidation or decomposition during this process.

Can you spray paint tungsten?

Yes, you can use the acrylic enamel paint as a touch up for the Cerakote Tungsten H-237 coating.