What does the word inattentively mean?

What does the word inattentively mean?

not attentive
: not attentive : not paying attention.

What is the antonym of impasse?

ˌɪmˈpæs, ˈɪmˌpæs) A situation in which no progress can be made or no advancement is possible. Antonyms. rejection. stalemate.

What does Visionless mean?

Definition of visionless 1 : sightless, blind visionless eyes. 2 : lacking vision or inspiration a visionless leader.

What is Circumspective?

adjective. given to or marked by circumspection; watchful; cautious: His behavior was circumspective.

What is the synonym of impasse?

OTHER WORDS FOR impasse 1 stalemate, standstill, standoff, dead end. See synonyms for impasse on Thesaurus.com.

What are some synonyms for impasse?

synonyms for impasse

  • deadlock.
  • dilemma.
  • gridlock.
  • predicament.
  • standoff.
  • standstill.
  • box.
  • cessation.

What does Visional mean?

visional. / (ˈvɪʒənəl) / adjective. of, relating to, or seen in a vision, apparition, etc.

What is stone blind?

Definition of stone-blind : totally blind.

How do you use the word circumspect?

Circumspect Sentence Examples

  1. It was done in a circumspect manner.
  2. In this situation you need to be very circumspect about claiming interactions.
  3. He is equally circumspect on the issue of whether outside promoters will manage these tours.
  4. The circumspect approach to the ridge now loomed above him.

What is retentive memory?

adjective [usually ADJECTIVE noun] If you have a retentive memory, you are able to remember things very well. Luke had an amazingly retentive memory.

What do you mean by intently?

Definition of intently : in an intent or concentrated manner : with great effort, attention, or concentration Their eyes, when they look at you and listen intently, focus like laser beams.—

What does impasse mean?

Definition of impasse 1a : a predicament affording no obvious escape. b : deadlock. 2 : an impassable road or way : cul-de-sac. Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About impasse.

What is Inpassing?

If you mention something in passing, you mention it briefly while you are talking or writing about something else. In passing, it should be noted that. The army is only mentioned in passing. Synonyms: incidentally, on the way, by the way, accidentally More Synonyms of in passing.

What is vision in life?

A vision is a way to answer your own “why” of life. It gives you the reason for your actions, choices, hopes, and desires. This fills your daily activities with meaning and purpose.

What is the meaning of vision in Tagalog?

paningín [noun] vision; sight; view; sense of sight 3 Example Sentences Available » more… pángitaín [noun] vision; sight; premonition; apparition more…