What does the WCF stand for on Lions jersey?

What does the WCF stand for on Lions jersey?

William Clay Ford
Born. William Clay Ford. March 14, 1925. Detroit, Michigan, U.S.

When did the Detroit Lions change their logo?

2017–present. On February 1, 2017, the Detroit Lions unveiled a tweaked logo from the previous primary design. The only difference was the change in the color of the outline, going from black to silver after the team removed black from their color palette.

Who wore number 9 for the Detroit Lions?

Outerstuff Matthew Stafford Detroit Lions #9 Blue Youth Home Player Jersey.

Why are the Lions blue?

The blue used by the Lions is officially known as “Honolulu blue”, which is inspired by the color of the waves off the coast of Hawaii.

When was the last time the Detroit Lions wore white pants?

The pants are a significant change for the Lions, who have not worn white pants since 1949. They typically wear gray or Honolulu blue pants with their current uniform set, which was introduced ahead of the 2017 season. Unlike those gray and Honolulu blue pants, the white pants lack stripes down the sides.

Does Ford Motor Company own the Detroit Lions?

The Detroit Lions have a new principal owner, but the organization is not changing hands. Sheila Ford Hamp will replace her mother, Martha Firestone Ford, as Lions owner and chairman effective immediately.

What happened to the logo on the Detroit Lions helmet?

Via an update to the graphics on their various social media platforms, the Detroit Lions today announced they would be removing black from their primary logo for the 2017 season. The change comes after comments from the club last year suggesting a tweak would be coming shortly to the Lions’ logos and uniforms.

Who wore #11 for the Detroit Lions?

receiver Marvin Jones
Jones posted a picture of himself wearing a No. 11 Lions jersey on the same day Eric Ebron teased new uniforms. New Detroit Lions wide receiver Marvin Jones posted a photo of himself on Instagram today wearing a No.

Who wore 44 for the Detroit Lions?

Other notable #44: Harry Hopp, Don Doll.

Did the Detroit Lions get new uniforms?

The Lions, who last changed their uniforms in 2017, were eligible to have new attire this year, but have chosen not to. “Nothing happening for this year. We’re actually starting a process to look at a possible change for next year,” team president Rod Wood said at the NFL owners meetings.

Are the Detroit Lions getting new uniforms?

Although the Detroit Lions are now eligible to update their uniforms, team president Rod Wood noted at last week’s NFL owners meetings there won’t be any changes this season – but there might be some on the horizon.

Why don t the Fords sell the Lions?

Even if the Ford family decided it wanted to sell, it’s not a good time to try and get value for the franchise. The Lions were valued at $1.95 billion by Forbes in 2019, the second-lowest valuation of any NFL team. At $385 million in revenue, the franchise is also near the bottom among the 32 NFL teams.

What is the yellow O on the Lions helmet mean?

the Oxford shooting victims
The Detroit Lions will honor the Oxford shooting victims with a moment of silence before Sunday’s game against the Minnesota Vikings and by wearing an Oxford-themed decal on their helmet. Several players had a gold “O” decal on the back of their helmet at practice Friday.

Who wears 13 on the Lions?


Who wears number 13 on the Lions?

K Aldrick Rosas: 13 (was 5)

Who wore 54 for Detroit Lions?

Chris Spielman
That group includes Hall of Famers such as Doak Walker (37), Yale Lary (28) and Charlie Sanders (88), and popular Pro Bowlers and All Pros like Chris Spielman (54), Bubba Baker (60), Jason Hanson (4), Doug English (78) and Herman Moore (84). But four numbers are at the top of the mountain.

Who wore number 88 for the Detroit Lions?

T. J. Hockenson

No. 88 – Detroit Lions
Born: July 3, 1997 Cherokee, Iowa
Height: 6 ft 5 in (1.96 m)
Weight: 248 lb (112 kg)
Career information

Why are Detroit called Lions?

Move to Detroit and early success (1934–1938) Richards picked the name because he intended to put together a team that would be the “king of the NFL,” much like the lion was the king of the jungle. He also wanted a tie-in to baseball’s Detroit Tigers.