What does the serratus posterior superior muscle do?

What does the serratus posterior superior muscle do?

Serratus posterior superior: elevate the ribs during inspiration(accessory muscle of inspiration) and has a stabilization role for thorax. Bilateral action of posterior superior/posterior inferior reduce extension of thoracic vertebrae. Unilateral action: rotate spine to opposite side.

What are the action of the serratus posterior inferior?

Function. The serratus posterior inferior draws the lower ribs backward and downward to assist in rotation and extension of the trunk. This movement of the ribs may also contribute to inhalation and forced expiration of air from the lungs.

How do you strengthen the serratus posterior superior?

1. Stretch (00:17)

  1. Drop the chin to the chest and rotate the head away from the affected side.
  2. Reach forward and grasp the front of your chair with the hand of the affected side.
  3. Arch the upper back.
  4. Round the unaffected shoulder forward and cross it over the arm of the affected shoulder.

How do you treat serratus posterior superior pain?

To treat the muscle attachments on the 2nd-5th ribs, abduct the scapulae and move it laterally to uncover the entire serratus posterior superior. Use with fiber and cross-fiber friction movements to release the rib attachments.

How is serratus posterior superior treated?

What is the function of the serratus posterior?

The serratus posterior superior helps to elevate the upper ribs during inhalation. The serratus posterior inferior, inversely, helps to draw the lower ribs downward and backward during exhalation.

What does serratus posterior pain feel like?

Serratus Posterior Superior Pain from the SPS is often described as a constant “deep ache” under the upper portion of the scapula. Pain can extend down the posterior aspect of the shoulder and arm to the ulnar side of the forearm, hand and little finger.

How do you release the serratus posterior superior?

What does tight serratus feel like?

sensitivity. tightness. pain in the chest or breasts. shoulder blade pain.

How do you stretch the serratus posterior superior?

How do you stretch the serratus posterior superior muscle?

The Serratus Posterior muscle helps with the expansion of the rib cage during inspiration. To stretch it, we’ll be doing the opposite. Hold both your shoulders with your opposite hands and exhale deeply. Tuck your chin into your chest and try to hold for about 30 seconds.