What does mastery mean in wow?

What does mastery mean in wow?

Mastery is a passive mechanic specific to each specialization from level 10 that can be increased with stats. Mastery effects are found in the character sheet, in addition to the Spellbook under each specialization tab.

What is a good amount of Elemental Mastery?

A minimum of 500 to 800 Elemental Mastery is the best for Elemental Mastery users. For characters that will primarily use EM for Elemental Reactions, such as Support or Sub-DPS builds for Sucrose or Kazuha, you need as much Elemental Mastery as possible without sacrificing their other stats.

What does ATK mean in Genshin impact?

ATK: The base amount of damage you’ll deal before the target’s stats are taken into account. DEF: Reduces damage taken before the attacker’s stats are taken into account.

What is the highest Elemental Mastery Genshin impact?

The Elegy for the End’s passive provides Elemental Mastery when a player’s Elemental Skills or Elemental Bursts attack an enemy. Players will then be able to collect a maximum of 4 Sigils in order to empower this effect, gaining a maximum of 200 Elemental Mastery using this passive.

What is versatility mastery?

Mastery – Mastery has a different effect for every specialization in the game. Generally, it increases the throughput of the character by focusing on its major strength. Versatility – Increases the damage and healing of the character by a percentage and reduces that damage taken by half that percentage.

What’s the point of Season of mastery?

Season of Mastery is a 12-month content cycle where players start out brand new at level 1 on a new server, completely resetting WoW Classic’s content into a compressed release cycle.

Does Mona need Elemental Mastery?

To maximize Mona’s burst damage, we want to have high Elemental Mastery on Mona to get a lot of damage out of the elemental reaction. In addition, the passive is really great to boost Mona’s Hydro damage, which will further boost the damage from elemental reactions with her burst.

Does Ayaka need Elemental Mastery?

Mastering Ayaka’s Elemental Burst requires an understanding of the game’s targeting system. Once players master it, Ayaka will devastate her opponents.

What does DMG mean in Genshin Impact?

Elemental Type The “Details” page in character attributes lists out a character’s damage bonuses for physical damage and for each element (with “damage” abbreviated as “DMG”).

How does stamina scale in wow?

Players convert stamina into an increasing amount of health based on character level, scaling up to 20 health per point of stamina at level 60.

What is the best 4 star weapon for Mona?

Best Mona build: Weapons Mona’s best weapon is The Widsith, which increases CRIT DMG and grants random buffs to characters taking the field. Luckily, this weapon is a 4-star Catalyst, so you shouldn’t have too much difficulty tracking it down.