What does LR44 replace?

What does LR44 replace?

Direct replacements for LR44 would be Duracell 76A, Energizer A76, and AG13 batteries. These batteries are exact equivalents for the LR44 battery, the only difference being the name. These batteries can all be interchanged.

Is CR2032 same as LR44?

Is CR2032 the same as LR44? No, they are not. CR2032 is a very popular lithium 3.0V non-rechargeable 20×3. 2 mm battery, while the LR44 battery is a 1.5V alkaline non-rechargeable 11.6×5.

What does LR44 stand for?

What is an LR44 battery? The LR44 battery is a alkaline button cell defined by its unique dimensions (11.6mm diameter x 5.4mm thickness). They typically feature up to 240mAh capacities, have a 1.5V voltage, and are primary (non-rechargeable) due to their alkaline chemistry.

What can LR44 batteries be used for?

This LR44 button battery is used in a wide variety of applications, like calculators, thermometers, electronics toys, small radios, cameras, and other low drain equipment. It is also a popular replacement battery for Lighted Fishing Bobbers.

What size battery is LR44?

The LR44 1.5V Battery is widely used in watches, calculators and medical devices. A button cell battery is a small, round battery that is 11.6mm(0.457 inch) in diameter and 5.4mm(0.21 inch) thick.

What is an LP 44 battery?

Amazon Basics 6 Pack LR44 Alkaline Button Coin Cell Battery LR44 batteries are small batteries designed for watches, calculators, and other small electronic devices. While it may seem that all batteries are the same, that is not the case.

Who makes LR44?

Duracell LR44 Duralock
Duracell LR44 Duralock 1.5V Button Cell Battery, (10 Count)

Which is better LR44 or SR44?

LR44 and SR44 are the same physical size. However, the terminal voltage of the SR version is a tad higher (1.55v -v- 1.5v) and its capacity is also higher. There are plenty of devices around that are designed to work with the LR44 battery.

Are there different types of LR44 batteries?

The LR44 battery is of the alkaline type category, with equivalent batteries being A76, AG13, G13, LR1154, L1154, 154, etc. Silver-oxide batteries can replace these alkaline batteries, with equivalent batteries being SR44, SR44SW, SR44W, SB-B9, 303, 357, etc.

What is the current in the LR44 battery?

These batteries are also called AG13, A76 or V13GA batteries. The LR44 battery uses alkaline technology (using zinc and manganese dioxide) with 11.6mm in diameter and 5.4mm thick. It is 1.5 volts in voltage and has a capacity of 150mAh.

What electronics use LR44 batteries?

The LR44 battery is commonly used in different small and portable devices, namely: calculators, thermometers, gun sight, electronic keys, electronic toys, computer motherboards, dog collars, and medical equipment, laser pointers, small radios, cameras, hand watches, toys and portable electronics.

What devices use an LR44 battery?

Panasonic Alkaline Coin LR44 batteries are ideal for calculators, wrist watches, headlights, car keys, electronic thermometer and other medical devices.

Can I use 675 instead of LR44?

LR44 alkaline batteries are the same size as the zinc-air size 675 batteries. These batteries can be used in cochlear implant processors whilst in a waterproof case.