What does it mean to amalgamate something?

What does it mean to amalgamate something?

Definition of amalgamate : to unite in or as if in an amalgam especially : to merge into a single body They amalgamated the hospital with the university.

Has been amalgamated?

When two or more things, especially organizations, amalgamate or are amalgamated, they become one large thing. The firm has amalgamated with another company.

How do you use append in a sentence?

Append in a Sentence 🔉

  1. The charm bracelet had acquired so many charms that Stacey had a hard time finding space to append her newest one.
  2. The directions on how to append a hitch to his car were very confusing.
  3. Trying to append the key to the key ring proved more difficult than Larry had originally thought.

What is the opposite of amalgamation?

Opposite of a mixture, merger or consolidation. division. parting. separation. severance.

How do you spare amalgamate?

Amalgamate is very similar to a previous battle. Choose, beckon, pet, play, pet, pet, to spare him. Now head out of the room and head left til you come to a doorway north. Go through it and head straight up to the spooky curtain to get the green key.

What prepend means?

to attach content
Prepend is a word that means to attach content as a prefix.

What is amalgamation in sociology?

Definition of Amalgamation (noun) The act or process through which a dominant group combine with a subordinate group to form a new group.

What does amalgamation mean in government?

A merger, consolidation or amalgamation, in a political or administrative sense, is the combination of two or more political or administrative entities, such as municipalities (in other words cities, towns, etc.), counties, districts, etc., into a single entity.

What sundering means?

: to break apart or in two : separate by or as if by violence or by intervening time or space. intransitive verb. : to become parted, disunited, or severed.

Is sans an amalgamate?

After a while, Papyrus began to melt, but Sans was hugging his brother, and melted with him, making him also a amalgamate along with Papyrus.

How do you date Alphys?

Take the letter to Alphys’ Lab and you can slide it under the door. You’ll go on a date with Alphys etc etc… True Lab. After you get the letter from Undyne, you head over to Alphy’s lab, slide the letter uder the door and then you’ll go on the date.

What does appended to mean?

1 : attach, affix appended a diagram to the instructions. 2 : to add as a supplement or appendix (as in a book) notes appended to each chapter.

What is append synonym?

adjoin, fasten, affix, append (formal), subjoin.

What is the opposite of prepend?

What is the opposite of prepend?

append add on
fasten join
supplement annexeUK
annexUS fix
subjoin adjoin

What is appending and Prepending?

The prepend() method inserts specified content at the beginning of the selected elements. Tip: To insert content at the end of the selected elements, use the append() method.

What is amalgamation in social work?

Amalgamation is the process by which a minority group and a majority group combine to form a new group.

What is amalgamation in biology?

Another way to talk about biological assimilation is the term amalgamation, which is used to explain how different racial groups combine (the word amalgamation means combining).