What does high-impedance mean in fuel injectors?

What does high-impedance mean in fuel injectors?

There are two main types of injectors: low impedance and high impedance. A low impedance injector will have a resistance of around 2.5 to 3 ohms, while a high impedance injector will fall somewhere around 12 ohms. Resistance can be measured with a multimeter across the injector’s electric terminals.

Are EV1 injectors high-impedance?

This ACCEL high impedance fuel injector has a flow rate of 62 lb/hr and is EV1 Minitimer style.

Do fuel injectors add HP?

The technical answer is yes; fuel injectors can add 10 extra horsepower at peak. However, for some car owners, that minimal difference does not offset the increased cost and complexity of switching to fuel injectors or upgrading the existing stock fuel injectors.

What is the difference between EV6 and EV14 injectors?

The EV6 injector is nearly identical in height but the body of the fuel injector is narrower or “skinnier” when compared to the EV1 injector. The third style is the EV14 fuel injector. The EV14 injector is shorter than the EV1 and EV6 injectors and features a slim style body.

Are Bosch 210 injectors low or high impedance?

Specifications: Coil Resistance: 9.1 Ohms / Low Impedance.

Can injectors be too big?

Bigger is not always better It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that bigger fuel injectors equal more power, but unless your engine is set up to deal with the extra fuel, you’ll be on a fast track to trouble. The excess fuel will flood the engine and it either won’t run at all, or will be running too rich.

Do I need a tune after bigger injectors?

In general, injectors need a tune. Otherwise, your ECU is trying to drive the new, bigger injectors using the duty cycle and dead times for the old, smaller injectors, which means too much gas potentially at the wrong time (i.e. – running rich and potentially missing).

Are EV6 and EV14 connectors the same?

EV6, EV14, et al refer to the body style. The injector bodies can be different but the electrical connector can be the same. Make sure you get the right length body or you will have to use spacers which isn’t a big deal.

What size are Bosch 210 injectors?

Injector Length: O-Ring to O-Ring: 1.5. / 37.5 mm. Injector Body Diameter: 16mm.

What is fuel injector dead time?

Injector dead time is exactly what it says. It is the amount of time between the point where the ECU told the injector to open and then told it to close, where the injector was not actually open or was not flowing at its peak flow. This occurs because the injector pintle does not move immediately.