What does drained of energy mean?

What does drained of energy mean?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdrained /dreɪnd/ adjective very tired and without any energy Suddenly, she felt totally drained. I felt depressed and completely drained of energy.

What means being drained?

Meaning of drained in English very tired: You look completely drained – why don’t you go to bed? It was one of those movies that leaves you emotionally drained.

What is the synonym word of exhausted?

Synonyms for exhausted. broke, burned out. (or burnt out), busted.

What does exhausted resources mean?

1 : completely or almost completely depleted of resources or contents …

What is the word for draining energy?

Tired, exhausted, fatigued, wearied, weary suggest a condition in which a large part of one’s energy and vitality has been consumed.

What do you call someone who drains energy?

Energy vampires are people who — sometimes intentionally — drain your emotional energy. They feed on your willingness to listen and care for them, leaving you exhausted and overwhelmed.

What is the synonym of draining?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for draining. enervating, exhausting, fatiguing, wearing.

What does exhausted all efforts mean?

: to try everything one can They’ve exhausted (all) the possibilities. exhaust all/the possibilities. idiom (2) Definition of exhaust all/the possibilities (Entry 2 of 2) : to do everything one can think of doing.

What is an example of exhausted?

Exhaustion is a state of being incredibly tired. Running a marathon on a hot day often results in exhaustion. Your exhaustion might be due to physical fatigue, after shoveling snow for hours or chasing after your runaway dog, or mental tiredness.

How do you drain energy from others?

Five Ways to Steal Energy from Others

  1. Subconscious manipulation using praise.
  2. Intimidation.
  3. Touch.
  4. Evoking emotions.
  5. Psychic attacks (directed thought)
  6. Seduction.

What does emotionally draining mean?

Emotional exhaustion lies at the heart of burnout. As your emotional resources are used up in trying to cope with challenging situations — such as overwhelming demands, conflict, or lack of support at work or at home — your sense of well-being and capacity to care for yourself and others is diminished.

What is it called when you feed off other people’s energy?

Some people, known as empaths, have such high empathy that they seem to take on the feelings of others. If you’re an empath, you might find yourself absorbing the emotions of those around you.

Which word is an antonym of the word drained?

What is the opposite of drained?

unwearied indefatigable
untiring unwearying
weariless persevering
resolute unceasing
active energetic

What word means lack of energy?

Some common synonyms of lackadaisical are languid, languorous, listless, and spiritless. While all these words mean “lacking energy or enthusiasm,” lackadaisical implies a carefree indifference marked by half-hearted efforts.

What is the medical term for lack of energy?

Listen to pronunciation. (fuh-TEEG) A condition marked by extreme tiredness and inability to function due to lack of energy.

What is the word for out of energy?

What is a word for loss of energy?

The word lethargy describes inactivity or a lack of energy.

What does it mean to be drained of energy?

Past tense for to experience sudden and severe fatigue, especially in endurance sports “I asked if it was getting annoying, being drained of energy when there’s so much to do, but she said she didn’t have the energy to get annoyed.” What is another word for drain of energy?

What is the difference between efficiency and effectiveness?

Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things. Energy use is not inherently bad: trees use energy from the sun, your body uses energy from food, and these are natural and healthy.

What does it mean when you feel drained?

Feeling drained is a wake-up call to slow down, reconsider your approach to external events and how you engage with them. Take your condition of being exhausted and these three steps in this article very seriously.

Is it normal to feel drained after a big event?

Since you’re feel drained, the answer is yes. You’re left with no energy and feeling tired and exhausted. Feeling drained is a wake-up call to slow down, reconsider your approach to external events and how you engage with them.