What does cheeky Breeky mean in English?

What does cheeky Breeky mean in English?

Answered. Depending on context it could have a couple meanings. Specifically the cheeki breeki part is a rhyme, like “one, two” But in context it could be used to say “you have advantage to flank the enemy” as “chiki bricki i v damki”

Who made Cheeki Breeki?

Apartje (died: October 9, 2016), was a German YouTuber, a very famous hardbass maker and a college student. He also created remakes and parodies. He was best known for a 2015 song Cheeki Breeki that became a popular internet meme.

What does IV Damke mean?

The name Cheeki Breeki comes from the Russian phrase “AH NU CHEEKI BREEKI IV DAMKE” which translates into english “one, two, you’re on top!” referring to making a king in checkers. The crown mark incorporates a hidden checkerboard pattern within the negative space of the crown.

What does Opachki mean in Russian?

‘Opa’ is an exclamation someone can make, with its literal translation being close to ‘Whoah! or’ Whoops! ‘. Therefore Opachki is kind of like saying’ Whoopsies! ‘ or’ Wowies! ‘

Is Cheeki Breeki offensive?

The phrase cheeki breeki is one of many taunting memes that have been popularized within the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games. Bandits use this phrase before attacking the player. If someone encounters a bandit at a major base, the phrase cheeki breeki will also have a musical component.

Is Cheeki Breeki on Spotify?

Cheeki Breeki Hardbass Anthem – Single by Apartje. Spotify.

What does Blin mean in English?

Definition of blin : a thin often buckwheat pancake usually filled (as with sour cream) and folded.

What does Dicky needles mean in Russian?

“Paskuda!” – used to describe a bad person who has done bad deeds; “Suka-a-a!!” – Biiiiiiiiiii*ch!! “Vot khuy!” – What a d*ck! “Chiki-briki, pal’chik vykin’ ” Chiki-bricki is a phrase that is meant to describe an act of cutting something off. “Pal’chik vykin” means “throw a finger away”.

What does Reshala mean in Russian?

Reshala (Решала) in Russian means “Dealmaker” or “[Problem] Solver” – basically a fixer, but with focus on using connections and reputation to secure and speed along deals of any kind.

Why do Russians say блин?

Euphemistic alteration of блядь (bljadʹ, “whore”, a vulgar curse), influenced by the noun блин (blin, “pancake, crepe”).

What does Opachki mean Russian?

‘Opa’ is an exclamation someone can make, with its literal translation being close to ‘Whoah! or’ Whoops! ‘. Therefore Opachki is kind of like saying’ Whoopsies! ‘ or’ Wowies!

What does davai Machi mean?

Davai machi basically means “light em up” though that’s slang also.

Is blin a swear word?

Blin is the mildest Russian swear word. Even children are allowed to use it. Literally blin means pancake. But most often blin is used as an euphemism for a very rude Russian word “blyat”.

What does Dabi mean in Russian?

Davai (давай) literally means “give” in Russian. However, the word is used in many expressions with different meanings, the most popular of which is “come on.” In this article, we look at ten different ways to use давай.

What does Yopta mean in Russian?

it’s traditional russian “best regards” wish!

What does Cheeki breeki mean?

According to Fandom, Cheeki breeki is a catchphrase associated with a quote originating in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game universe.

What does a nu Chiki briki I V damki mean?

(phonetically: A nu chiki-briki i v damki! / “One, two – you’re on top!”), a part nursery rhyme and a part idiomatic expression that translates to “Put a fucking bullet in his forehead,” which is also referenced in a “Russian chanson” tune broadcast on the Bandits’ radio transmission.

What does А ну ка чики mean?

I notice you guys love the phrase: “А ну ка чики ьрики в дамку!” that the bandits always seem to shout; but nobody seems to know the actual meaning. Cheeki Breeki – “Poke holes in/fucking” (bastardization of a children’s rhyme, also slang), substitute for “Yob” (fuck).