What does Cera mean in Triceratops?

What does Cera mean in Triceratops?


a, ar, and no, not
brachy short
bronto thunder
canthus spiked, spined
cera horned

Why did they name her Sara in The Land Before Time?

During the production of the movie The Land Before Time, the character of Cera started out as a male Triceratops named “Bambo”. As the character was in mid-animation, George Lucas made the suggestion to change him to a female named “Cera”.

What dinosaur is Sara?

She is a Triceratops, which is known as a “Threehorn” to the characters in the franchise. Cera’s most recognizable trait is her bossy, skeptical and proud demeanor, which covers up her caring and sensitive side.

What type of dinosaur is Cera?

Cera. Cera, voiced by Candace Hutson (I-IV), and Anndi McAfee (V-XIV) is an orange female Triceratops or “Three Horns”. Like Littlefoot, she hatches in the first film, and is later separated from her parents and sisters during an earthquake.

What does mimus mean in dinosaur?

-mimus: Greek for “mimic”. Usually used for theropod dinosaurs in the ornithomimid family. If it has this suffix, it’s probably bipedal, feathered, herbivorous or omnivorous, with long legs and a long neck. Examples: Struthiomimus (ostrich mimic), Gallimimus (chicken mimic), Pelecanimimus (pelican mimic).

Why does Cera only have one horn?

Mainly due to the fact that the character only possesses a nasal horn, while Triceratops also had two horns on its forehead, some have suggested that the character is in fact a Monoclonius, a one-horned member of the ceratopsian order of dinosaurs, to which Triceratops also belongs.

What does Cera mean in dinosaur?

Name (Language of Origin) Meaning in English
cera, ceras (from the Greek word keras) horn
cerno (from the Latin word secerno) divide or sever
cero (from the Greek word keras) horn
chasmo (from the Greek word khasma) chasm or yawning fissure

What does Saurus mean on dinosaur names?

terrible lizard
When scientists made up names for the animals, they used the Greek word sauros, which means “lizard.” In fact, the term dinosaur is a combination of the Greek words deinos (“terrible”) and sauros, so it means “terrible lizard.”

What kinda dinosaur is ducky?

Ducky is a Parasaurolophus, which lived 76-74 million years ago. Petrie is a Pteranodon, which lived 88-80 million years ago. Spike is a Stegosaurus, which lived 155-150 million years ago.

What is the difference between Triceratops and styracosaurus?

What Are Key Differences Between a Triceratops and a Styracosaurus? Styracosaurus had one horn, and Triceratops had three horns on its head. The most significant differences between a Triceratops and a Styracosaurus include their size and their morphology.

Why did Chomper leave his parents?

When she thought that Chomper was about to bite Littlefoot, she finally blurted out her fears within Chomper’s hearing range. Chomper, who knew all along that she didn’t trust his parents, was hurt that she was even suspicious of him, and he walked away.

Is Doc the lone dinosaur?

Littlefoot believed Doc to be the legendary “Lone Dinosaur”, who saved the Great Valley long ago from the most terrible Sharptooth.

Why do dinosaurs end with saurus?

Saurus, which literally means “lizard,” appears as a suffix in the names of many dinosaurs because it points to the lizardlike or otherwise reptilian origin of these animals and sets them apart from modern lizards, snakes, and other reptiles.

Are Ducky and Spike siblings?

At the end of the movie, when the gang finds the Great Valley, Ducky introduces them to “our new brother, Spike”.

What does the name Styracosaurus mean?

Styracosaurus (‘spiked lizard’ from Greek styrax/στυραξ meaning ‘spike at the butt-end of a spear-shaft’ and saurus/σαυρος meaning ‘lizard’) was a herbivorous dinosaur from the Cretaceous Period, about 77 to 74 million years ago.

What is a Styracosaurus related to?

Styracosaurus Is Classified as a Centrosaurine Dinosaur As far as paleontologists can tell, Styracosaurus was closely related to Centrosaurus, and is thus classified as a “centrosaurine” dinosaur.