What does a hole shot plate do?

What does a hole shot plate do?

This simple but revolutionary plate easily attaches to the bottom of our jack plate to provide an amazing 18 to 20 percent better hole shot. Thats 2 to 3 seconds faster out of the hole. Hot Shot™ does this by dramatically reducing water drag on take off as well as serving as a center trim tab.

How do you grease the Atlas jack plate?

It is important to NOT apply any grease or lubricant of any kind to these rods, doing so will cause buildup of dirt and debris causing the jack plate to stick or jump. If buildup does occur, we recommend using Dawn™ dish washing liquid, a soft brush and fresh water to gently clean the rods.

Are jack plates hard on transom?

A 4-6” setback jack plate is not a problem on most boats. A jack plate certainly adds to the force applied to the transom when it’s at the top of the lever. I have an older Bob’s on my action craft and try to run with the plate down in rough water because of the extra strain on the transom.

What fluid goes in a jack plate?

Jack Plate Oil – 20w20 Non-Detergent.

What kind of fluid goes in a jack plate on a boat?

Sea Star hydraulic fluid is popular in the SE with both boat manufacturers for use it in their power steering systems, and jack plate manufacturers in their hydraulics. Sea Star hydraulic fluid is kind of a yellowish orange color.

Do Jack plates damage transoms?

Yes it will add stress and yes it will alter the COG. Most boats can handle the additional stress and in performance applications the additional setback is usually faster. At some point the motor can be too far back and you could have some low speed issues/ porpoising.

Do jack plates put more stress on the transom?

It definitely adds more stress to the transom.

Are jack plates worth the money?

Although they may be a bit pricey, hydraulic jackplates can vastly improve the performance of your bass boat — both at the top end and in the ability to run shallower at low or high speeds. They can even improve the ride.

How do you add fluid to an Atlas jack plate?

How to Fill a Jack Plate With Oil

  1. Remove the 1/8-inch socket filler plug.
  2. Move the jack plate all the way down to allow the air bubbles to escape from the oil reservoir.
  3. Run the jack plate up three inches.
  4. Pour oil into the filler hole until it begins to run out of the level hole.