What does a 730 mean in slang?

What does a 730 mean in slang?

In case you’re wondering what ‘730’ means, it’s a police code referencing to a person that is crazy or suffers from a mental disorder.

What is a 39 in slang?

The number 39 means “Thank You.” The use of 39 to say “Thank You” is based on the Sino-Japanese pronunciation of the numbers three and nine. In Sino-Japanese, three and nine are pronounced “san” and “kyu,” which sounds like “Thank You.”

What is Blud slang for?

“Brother (See also BLOOD and BLUD)” is the most common definition for BLUD on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. BLUD. Definition: Brother (See also BLOOD and BLUD)

What does 730 mean in NY?

730 means crazy and originated in NYC (specifically from the city code used when a perp suffers from a mental disorder). In a lyric: “They say I’m 730, say I spaz out.”

Why is it called a 730 exam?

A 730 evaluation is a court appointed expert’s assessment A 730 evaluator is the Court’s appointed expert and is not hired by either party. Therefore, a court ordered 730 evaluation is intended to be an unbiased, objective evaluation of facts or a matter for which an expert opinion will help the Court.

What area code is 730?

Area Code 730 Profile

Area Code 730
Regional Market Area Evansville Area Metro St. Louis Paducah-Cape Girardeau-Harrisburg-Mt Vernon Area Terre Haute Area
Metro Area(s) Carbondale-Marion, IL Centralia, IL Mount Vernon, IL Paducah, KY-IL
Population (2020) 1176206
Adjacent Area Codes 217,270,314,364,447,573,618,636,812,930

What sankyu means?

thank you
Etymology. From Japanese サンキュー (sankyū), from English thank you.

Is Wagwan a swear word?

What does wagwan mean? Wagwan is a way to say What’s going on? in Jamaican English, used throughout the Jamaican diaspora (or where Jamaican people live outside of Jamaica), especially in South London.

What does Wagwan my G mean?

Wagwan. Literally means ‘What is going on?’, ‘ What’s up?’, or ‘Hello’ “Wagwan G 💪 You coming down the park today?

What does 730 mean on jewelry?

The “750” specifies that a piece of jewelry is 18 karat gold. As for 730, maybe it’s actually 750 that you see.

What is a 730 expert?

A 730 Evaluation occurs when the court appoints an expert to the case to assist the court in making a decision. The court’s authority to appoint an expert comes from Evidence Code 730, which provides a family court the right to appoint an expert to help the court decide a particular issue.

What is a 730 evaluation in New York?

(a) An order for the examination of a defendant to determine whether he is an incapacitated person under article 730 of the Criminal Procedure Law shall be addressed to the director of community mental health services of the county where the criminal action is pending, except in the City of New York where the order …

What number means crazy?

When it’s applied to a person, 5150 is generally used in a derogatory or dehumanizing way, much like the word crazy.