What do you mean by fledged?

What do you mean by fledged?

1 : to rear until ready for flight or independent activity. 2 : to cover with or as if with feathers or down. 3 : to furnish (something) with feathers feather an arrow.

What is fully fledged person?

1 : fully developed : total, complete a full-fledged biography. 2 : having attained complete status full-fledged lawyer. 3 : full-blown sense 2 a full-fledged reunion.

Is it full fledge or full pledge?

One is that, as a phrasal adjective, full-fledged usually takes a hyphen. This hyphenated form is preferred in the U.S. and Canada, while the unhyphenated fully fledged is preferred outside North America.

What does full fledged synonym?

synonyms for full-fledged completely developed. developed. experienced. full-grown. grown.

How do you use the word fledge in a sentence?

Fledged sentence example A Health Maintenance Organization or HMO is a full fledged organization of healthcare providers. Three clutches of four eggs were laid and one pair fledged a brood of four. A sixth fatality involved a newly fledged juvenile which was found grounded unable to fly.

How do you use full fledged in a sentence?

We must create a fully fledged internal market for electricity and gas. He hopes that, before long, they will take responsibility as fully fledged participants in international co-operation. It will soon be redeveloped as a fully fledged substantial community hospital.

Where does the phrase full fledged come from?

“furnished with feathers,” 1570s (in full-fledged), thus “developed, matured, able to fly;” past-participle adjective from fledge (v.).

Where does the term full fledged come from?

The fledge part of full-fledged comes from the Old English -flycge, “having the feathers” or “fit to fly.”

What is the opposite of full fledged?

Opposite of finished, having reached an end or conclusion. unfinished. ongoing. incomplete. undeveloped.

What is the difference between fledging and fledgling?

All birds are considered to have fledged when the feathers and wing muscles are sufficiently developed for flight. A young bird that has recently fledged but is still dependent upon parental care and feeding is called a fledgling.

What is a antonym for fledgling?

Antonyms. unfledged nonreligious person skilled sophisticated. fledged mature.

Is full-fledged an adjective?

full-fledged adjective – Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage notes | Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary at OxfordLearnersDictionaries.com.

How do you spell fully fledged?

“Fully-fledged.” Merriam-Webster.com Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/fully-fledged.

Is full fledged an adjective?

How do you use full-fledged in a sentence?

What is fledged war?

A full-fledged war involves two countries with a conflict deep enough to inspire violent clashes on both sides. The fledge part of full-fledged comes from the Old English -flycge, “having the feathers” or “fit to fly.”

Which of the following is the closest meaning to fledged?


  • blossoming,
  • burgeoning,
  • flourishing,
  • flowering.
  • What are the baby birds called after they leave the nest?

    Nestlings, unlike fledglings, are too young to fly. They are also completely dependent on their natural caregivers for warmth and food. A hopeful N looks on intently as the adults scratch their heads.

    What is the first flight of a bird called?

    fledge Add to list Share. When baby birds fledge, they grow feathers that are big enough for flying. Just after they fledge, birds take their first practice flights. You can use the verb fledge in several ways — first, to describe what happens when a bird’s feathers grow in.

    How do you use fledgling in a sentence?

    The fledglings leave the nest after about three weeks of hatching. Both parents feed the young, and the fledglings leave the nest at 2328 days old. The chicks are altricial and nidicolous, with both adults feeding the nestlings and fledglings.

    What is the meaning of fledge?

    Definition of fledge. intransitive verb. of a young bird : to acquire the feathers necessary for flight or independent activity also : to leave the nest after acquiring such feathers. transitive verb.

    What does it mean when a duckling has fledged?

    (flĕj) v. fledged, fledg·ing, fledg·es. v.tr. 1. To raise (a young bird) until it is ready to leave the nest: a pair of ducks that fledged several young. 2. To cover with or as if with feathers.

    What is the meaning of unfledged in English?

    1. fledged – (of birds) having developed feathers or plumage; often used in combination. mature. unfledged, immature – (of birds) not yet having developed feathers; “a small unfledged sparrow on the window sill”. 2.

    What does it mean to be full-fledged?

    Definition of full-fledged 1: fully developed : total, completea full-fledgedbiography 2: having attained complete statusfull-fledgedlawyer 3: full-blownsense 2a full-fledgedreunion