What do XTrig triple clamps do?

What do XTrig triple clamps do?

Give our gear experts a call at 877.792. 9455, or email/chat here: https://rvz.la/31xnH9M The Rocs Tech triple clamps from XTrig improve your bike’s front end rigidity and stability while shaving weight. Beautiful anodizing in a range of colors rounds off these billet marvels.

What is triple clamp?

The “triple clamp” name refers to clamping the fork legs at three points (Figure 2). (This system is sometimes referred to as a “triple crown,” which is better saved for describing a series of three famous horse races rather then a fork system.) Lowest Clamp is at the hub because the axle clamps both legs.

Can you put triple clamp forks on any bike?

The triple clamp provides a very rigid and strong system to hold fork legs. It can found on downhill race bikes, freeride bikes, and some “enduro” bikes (Figure 1).

What is the upper triple tree on a motorcycle?

A motorcycle’s triple tree is the clamp-like structure that secures the front fork to its frame. It consists of a lower clamp with an integrated stem that extends through the frame’s steering pivot. An upper clamp secures the stem to the steering pivot, serving also as a mounting point for the handlebars.

What is USD fork?

The term USD stands for UpSide Down. It is a telescopic fork but fitted inversely or in an upside-down position. So, in short, it’s an upside down fork. In this design, the upper tubes (fixed fork tubes) have a larger diameter than the lower tubes (immersion or slider tubes).

What is motorbike fork?

A motorcycle fork connects a motorcycle’s front wheel and axle to its frame, typically via a yoke, also known as a triple clamp, which consists of an upper yoke joined to a lower yoke via a steering stem, a shaft that runs through the steering head, creating the steering axis.

Can you put downhill forks on a hardtail?

There are some hardtails designed fro downhill where you can run bigger forks but generally these are just as expensive as a full suspension rig and tend to be only ridden by those who want a hardtail for downhill so will fork the cash over. Will it snap? Maybe, more likely yes.

Why are motorcycle forks called forks?

The “fork” is the suspension at the front of a motorcycle. In nearly every motorcycle available today, the front wheel is held on by an axle that’s connected to the fork. It’s called a fork because it has two prongs that go around each side of the wheel.

What are triple trees?

The triple tree is the triangle like structure that connects the entire front end of a bike to the frame. Also known as a triple clamp or yoke, these set ups can be changes out for a different rake, or just to change the aesthetic of the bike.