What distilleries are around in Louisville Kentucky?

What distilleries are around in Louisville Kentucky?

Louisville Distilleries

  • Angel’s Envy Distillery.
  • Brough Brothers Distillery.
  • Copper & Kings American Brandy.
  • Evan Williams Bourbon Experience.
  • Kentucky Artisan Distillery.
  • Kentucky Peerless Distilling.
  • Michter’s Micro-Distillery.
  • Old Forester Distillery.

What bourbon is distilled in Louisville?

Evan Williams Bourbon Experience Evans Williams bourbon is a staple in Louisville. You’ll find it everywhere, which is not surprising because Evan Williams was Kentucky’s first distillery, opened in 1783!

How many distilleries are in downtown Louisville?

Today, there are seven Downtown Distillery experiences.

What is the largest distillery in Kentucky?

Heaven Hill, located in Kentucky, is the world’s largest tourable distillery. It is the seventh-largest supplier of alcohol in the United States and thanks to its massive warehouses, the second-largest holder of bourbon whiskey in the world.

Can you visit Knob Creek distillery?

Fans of Jim Beam will love the behind-the-scenes tour experience at the world-renowned distillery. Guided tours of Jim Beam take you through the process of whiskey making from start to finish. See the bottling line for Knob Creek — and even get a chance to bottle your own bourbon.

What alcohol is Louisville known for?

Louisville, Kentucky is a city that’s famously known for a drink: bourbon. Sure, it’s technically Kentucky that invented Bourbon, but Louisville has embraced it, built upon it, and created a drinking scene honoring it. Louisville has even coined the term “Bourbonism” to describe tourism focused on bourbon.

Who owns Angel’s Envy distillery?

Bacardi Limited
ANGEL’S ENVY is produced by Louisville Distilling Company, a subsidiary of Bacardi Limited. ENJOY RESPONSIBLY. 2021.

What distilleries are on whiskey Row in Louisville Kentucky?


  • Angel’s Envy.
  • Evan Williams.
  • Jim Beam. Kentucky Peerless. Rabbit Hole. Bulleit. Old Forester.

What town is Maker’s Mark distillery in?

Loretto, Ky.
Come see where Maker’s® is made. We’d love to show you around our distillery in Loretto, Ky., and give you a taste of what Maker’s Mark® and Star Hill Farm is all about. The Maker’s Mark Distillery is located at 3350 Burks Spring Rd, Loretto, KY 40037.

How much is it to dip a bottle at Makers Mark?

about $30
After the tasting, you get a piece of bourbon chocolate candy. The tour ends in the gift shop where you can purchase your own bottle of bourbon and get to hand dip it yourself. The smallest bottle cost us about $30. I also bought a magnet that one of the staff dipped in wax for me.

How much does it cost to tour the Jim Beam distillery?

James B Beam Distilling Details

Days of operation Wed-Sat 9:00-5:30pm Sunday 12:00-4:00pm
Advanced Reservations Recommended/Required Yes, particularly for weekend days and during summer
Cost for tour(s) in $ The standard tour is $22 + tax and fees; Others are $18-$1000
Tasting Included? Yes

Is Jim Beam made in Kentucky?

In Clermont, KY, eight generations of Beam family distillers are carrying on our longstanding bourbon tradition. From pioneering small batch whiskeys to making the whiskey that started them all in 1795, the James B. Beam Distilling Co. has been the Birthplace of Bourbon for over two centuries.

How much should I pay for Pappy Van Winkle?

$59.99 – Van Winkle Special Reserve Bourbon 12 Year Old. $99.99 – Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye Whiskey 13 Year Old. $79.99 – Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve Bourbon 15 Year Old. $149.99 – Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve Bourbon 20 Year Old.

Why is it called Angel’s Envy?

The 5% of spirit lost each year during barrel aging is called the “Angel’s Share.” After tasting our finished whiskey, Lincoln joked that we’d finally gotten a better deal than the angels. And so Angel’s Envy was born.

Where is whiskey Alley in Louisville?

Whiskey Alley will be along Washington Street between 1st and 2nd Streets. The center will host live music and entertainment on several nights of the week, like if the KFC Yum! Center is hosting big events.

How to visit the distilleries in Kentucky?

Get a Kentucky Bourbon Trail Passport – You will need to pick up a Kentucky Bourbon Trail Passport at your first distillery that includes all of the distilleries on the

  • Get to your tours ahead of time.
  • Decide early on whether you’re taking a tour bus or driving.
  • You don’t need to take a tour at every distillery.
  • What is the best Bourbon in Kentucky?

    Best Kentucky Bourbon: Evan Williams Single Barrel at Drizly. This reasonably-priced single barrel is big, balanced, spicy and sweet, and enjoys a backbone of honey and citrus. Best Tennessee Bourbon: Heaven’s Door at Drizly

    What distilleries are on Whiskey Row?

    whiskey row distilleries Bourbon has experienced an incredible revitalization in recent years and nowhere is that more apparent than on downtown Louisville’s Whiskey Row. Take a stroll along Main Street to discover distilleries from historic brands to energetic upstarts; it’s hard to find a shop, restaurant or even a hotel, like our very own

    How many bourbon distilleries in Kentucky?

    The local portion is based on local property tax, which is different for each county. For the first time ever, there are more than 10 million aging barrels of bourbon in Kentucky. And in 2021, Kentucky distillers were slated to pay more than $33 million in aging barrel taxes.