What did the Beatles think of Yellow Submarine?

What did the Beatles think of Yellow Submarine?

I felt it lacked the ingenuity and the warmth and overall magic you associate with Disney. The end result was that the Yellow Submarine just didn’t draw me into it. Basically, I thought it was a lot of very clever sequences but nothing more.” George Harrison recalled, “I liked the film.

Which Beatle sang vocals on Yellow Submarine?

The BeatlesYellow Submarine / ArtistThe Beatles were an English rock band, formed in Liverpool in 1960, that comprised John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. They are regarded as the most influential band of all time and were integral to the development of 1960s counterculture and popular music’s recognition as an art form. Wikipedia

Which Beatle wrote Yellow Submarine?

Paul McCartneyJohn Lennon
Yellow Submarine/Lyricists
Yellow submarine, yellow submarine. “Yellow Submarine” is a 1966 song by the Beatles, written by Paul McCartney (credited to Lennon-McCartney), with lead vocals by Ringo Starr. It was included on the Revolver album and issued as a single, coupled with “Eleanor Rigby”.

How did the Beatles feel about the Beatles cartoon?

Originally, the Beatles disliked the cartoon; however, as time went on they grew to like it. In 1972, Lennon commented, “I still get a blast out of watching the Beatles cartoons on TV.” In 1999, Harrison said, “I always kind of liked [the cartoons].

What songs did Ringo sing?

Let It BeHere Comes the SunHey JudeDon’t Let Me DownCome TogetherSomething
Ringo Starr/Songs

Why did the Beatles not voice Yellow Submarine?

TIL that the Beatles, John, Paul, Ringo and George do not voice themselves in the Yellow Submarine movie as they were too busy.

Did the Beatles use drugs in Yellow Submarine?

They started doing acid in ’65 and by ’66 all four Beatles were heavy into acid, so it could obviously be about drugs, however if it were I think they would just come out and say it. It was rumored to be about a yellow pill, but it was denied. So, I’m sure it was drug-inspired, but not actually ABOUT drugs.

What drugs did Huxley take?

Published in 1954, it elaborates on his psychedelic experience under the influence of mescaline in May 1953….The Doors of Perception.

First edition, published in 1954
Author Aldous Huxley
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What was the inspiration behind Yellow Submarine?

Inspired By The Beatles’ Love Gospel, ‘Submarine Churches’ Bucked Tradition. The 1968 release of The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine film influenced fashion, graphic design, music — and even a short-lived organization of “submarine churches” based on the gospel of Lennon and McCartney: “All You Need Is Love.”