What defenses should I upgrade first th5?

What defenses should I upgrade first th5?

After upgrading storage you will focus on defensive buildings. First, upgrade all the archer towers and the wizard towers.

What should I have at Town Hall 5?

Quick List:

  • Upgrade Laboratory & build the Spell Factory.
  • Build the new Wall pieces (upgrade them from time to time when you have some leftover resources)
  • Build the new Army Camp & Upgrade it along with the other Army Camps to max level.
  • Get the new Mine & Collector and upgrade it.
  • Build the new Archer Tower & Cannon.

What does farming mean in CoC?

Farming is a term in which the player changes her or his attributes of attacking and defending so that s/he is mostly focused on resources, not trophies. It involves intentionally losing so that you drop down to lower levels, giving you the opportunity to attack weaker opponents.

Should I rush BH?

1) Rush to BH9. As explained above, higher BH level boosts your progression in general, and you can unlock O.T.T.O faster as a result. 2) Your collectors are very important. You may be able to get away with not upgrading collectors in the Home Village, since you can always raid a lot to fill your storages.

What level are the walls of the town hall at?

If noticed carefully, both front corners of the Town Hall have carved Level 8 Walls. At level 10, the color of the Town Hall changes to a deep crimson red. On top of the Town Hall, there is a metal grate.

What happens on the 5th level of the game?

On the 5th level you’ll have a significant upgrade, 7 new constructions and 3 traps become available: Gold Mine, Elixir Collector, Spell Factory, Cannon, Archer Tower, 2 Bombs, Wizard Tower, Giant Bomb and 25 Wall units!

Why is the town hall in Fortnite so small?

The Town Hall’s entrance is small when compared to Villagers and Builders. Before Town Hall level 11 was added, and before level 11 Walls were redesigned, players speculated that the Town Hall 11 was going to be blue and have electric theme because of the level 11 Walls theme. However, Town Hall 12 took the spot, along with the level 13 Walls.

How many town halls are there in the original release?

The levels 1-8 Town Halls were in the original release (date varies depending on platform and country). The level 9 Town Hall was added as a part of the October 2012 “Dark Castle” update (Version 2.86). The level 10 Town Hall was added as a part of the May 2013 “Fiery Fortress” update (Version 4.14).