What county is Menard Illinois in?

What county is Menard Illinois in?

Randolph County, Illinois
Menard is an unincorporated community in Randolph County, Illinois, United States. Menard is located on the east bank of the Mississippi River, west of Chester. Menard Correctional Center is located within the community….

Menard, Illinois
• Summer (DST) UTC-5 (CDT)
ZIP code 62259
Area code(s) 618
GNIS feature ID 422972

What towns are in Menard County Illinois?

PetersburgAthensGreenviewTallulaOakfordLake Petersburg
Menard County/Cities

Who is Menard County named after?

Pierre Menard
The county was named for Pierre Menard, the first lieutenant governor of Illinois.. The county seat is Petersburg and the county was organized on February 15, 1839. The County is located in the Central area of the state.

How do I get a marriage license in Menard County Illinois?

Please call the County Clerk’s Office at 217-632-3201 to schedule an appointment to obtain your marriage license. Please contact Judge Atterberry to make an appointment at 217-632-2107.

How big is Petersburg Illinois?

1.56 mi²Petersburg / Area

Is Menard in the Hill Country?

Not all of Menard County is within the Texas Hill Country. Only the southeastern-most third of the county area is in the Hill Country. The approximate dividing line is TX 83 – Menard – TX 198. For our definition of the boundaries of the Texas Hill Country, see: Definition & Maps.

What township is Petersburg Il in?

Menard CountyPetersburg / County

What is the elevation of Petersburg Illinois?

520′Petersburg / Elevation

What does the treasurer do in Menard County?

As ex-officio Collector, the Treasurer is responsible for preparing and sending real estate and mobile home tax bills for over forty taxing bodies within Menard County. Taxes are then collected and processed by this office and distributed to the respective taxing bodies during the collection period.

How do I get a tax levy in Menard County?

Tax Levies from all taxing bodies in Menard County are filed in our office and are available for viewing. You may contact the Office of the County Clerk to receive your notary if you have already applied through the Secretary of State. Applications for Notaries must first be made through the Secretary of State.

How do I view my property information in Menard County?

Use the link below to view your property information on the Menard County GIS site. The Menard County Office of Assessments is responsible for accurately assessing the more than 12,000 farm and non-farm real estate parcels within Menard County.

What does the Menard County Clerk do?

The County Clerk has many roles in Menard County Government. The County Clerk is the keeper of the official seal of the County, Clerk of the County Board, keeper of vital statistics, marriage licenses, assumed names, tax extension, delinquent taxes and the Menard County Election Authority.