What brands are under Essilor?

What brands are under Essilor?

The company dominates the global eyewear market as the largest single player in that market. They own the following companies: Clearly (Clearly.ca/Coastal.com), EyeBuyDirect, FramesDirect.com, LensCrafters, OPSM, Pearle Vision, Sears Optical, Sunglass Hut, Target Optical, Vision Direct, Vision Source, and more.

What is Essilor technology?

The Essilor Ultimate Lens Package is our best combination of our newest lens technologies, from Varilux ®, Crizal ®, Eyezen™+, and Transitions ® Light Intelligent Lenses™ together in a single lens for our best in vision, clarity, and protection.

What is Essilor known for?

Essilor International is a French-based international ophthalmic optics company that designs, manufactures and markets lenses to correct or protect eyesight. Its headquarters is in Charenton-le-Pont (near Paris), France.

Which is the best Essilor lens?

VARILUX. Varilux is the #1 Progressive lenses brand in the world.

Who makes Essilor lenses?


Type Société Anonyme
Products Corrective lenses; sun and readers eyeglasses; ophthalmic equipment and instruments
Brands Varilux, Clearly, EyeBuyDirect, Foster Grant, Vision Source, Xiamen Yarui Optical (50%)
Number of employees 69,000 (2020)
Parent EssilorLuxottica

How can I tell if my Essilor lens is real?

How do I identify genuine Crizal Lenses? Crizal Lenses will have a unique Fog ID on the lenses. This can be identified by fogging the lens. Each of our Crizal products has differentiated FOG ID for your easy understanding.

Are Crizal lenses worth it?

For some people, Crizal lenses are a worthwhile investment. Reducing glare can make nighttime driving more comfortable and be a big help if you find yourself under bright lights frequently. However, blue light from computers and smartphones has not been proven to cause permanent eye damage.

Which brand is best for lenses?

Best Contact Lens Brands

  • Acuvue. The Acuvue brandis one of the most highly recommended and top selling contact lens brands available.
  • Dailies. The DAILIES brand is another top contact lens brand that is worth looking into when making a decision.
  • Air Optix.
  • Biofinity.
  • Soflens.