What band was Mark Lanegan?

What band was Mark Lanegan?

Screaming Trees1985 – 2000Queens of the Stone Age2001 – 2005Mad SeasonThe Gutter TwinsThe Desert Sessions2001 – 2001The Twilight Singers
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Mark William Lanegan (November 25, 1964 – February 22, 2022) was an American singer and songwriter. First becoming prominent as the lead singer for the early grunge band Screaming Trees, he was also known as a member of Queens of the Stone Age and The Gutter Twins.

Where does Mark Lanegan live now?

Earlier this month, via social media, we contacted Lanegan, who’s recently relocated from his home in L.A. to live in Ireland, told him we’d chosen Straight Songs of Sorrow as our best album of last year, and asked if we could interview him.

Did Mark Lanegan relapse?

Following a drug relapse which sent him into a 10-day coma in 2004 and another bout of rehab in 2007, the past decade was particularly prolific, producing six albums delving beyond his grunge rock roots into electronica and ’80s post-punk.

Is Mark Lanegan a good singer?

Lanegan was one of the genre’s greatest singers, thorniest lyricists and most troubled figures. In December, he released “Devil in a Coma,” a slim volume of prose and poetry detailing his near-death battle with covid-19 in the spring of 2021.

Who died from the band Mad Season?

Three years later, on April 5, 2002, Mad Season’s frontman, Layne Staley, was found dead in his home from an overdose of heroin and cocaine. “You know, it’s weird to do an interview about this,” McCready says, “because I’ve been thinking about those guys a lot. I wish they were still around, and it makes me sad.

What happened to the Screaming Trees?

Screaming Trees were plagued by extended inactivity due to their problems with making a follow up to Dust. This led to their official breakup in 2000. Mark Lanegan died in February 2022.

What happened to Mark Lanegan of the Screaming Trees?

Last year, he was in hospital for months after contracting Covid, and was put into a medically-induced coma. No cause of death has been given. A statement said: “Our beloved friend Mark Lanegan passed away this morning at his home in Killarney, Ireland.

Why did Mad Season break up?

Attempts were made in the late 1990s to revive the group without Staley, and material for a follow-up release to Above had been worked on; however, the band dissolved following the death of bassist John Baker Saunders in 1999 from a drug overdose.

Who was the bass player for Mad Season?

John Baker SaundersMad Season / Bassist
John Baker Saunders, Jr. (September 23, 1954 – January 15, 1999) was an American musician, known as a founding member and bassist for the American grunge rock supergroup Mad Season, as well as a member of The Walkabouts.

Why did Lanegan Leave Queens of the Stone Age?

Singer Mark Lanegan, who toured with the group and sang on several songs from the band’s last two albums, has also left. “Mark is officially no longer playing with Queens of the Stone Age so as to devote more time to his own band,” read a statement from Lanegan’s spokesperson.

Did Mark Lanegan get sober?

Lanegan struggled both publicly and privately with alcoholism and heroin addiction, but credited Courtney Love with helping him to get sober after she paid for a year of his drug rehab.

What age is Mark Lanegan?

57 years (1964–2022)Mark Lanegan / Age at death

Why does Mad Season sound like Alice in Chains?

McCready described the songs on the band’s only album, Above, as “some jazzy stuff, some blues, some arena rock.” Before his review was revised, Stephen Thomas Erlewine of Allmusic said that the album “sounds like a cross between Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam, taking the ponderous seriousness of Alice and PJ’s ’90s …

Who played lead guitar for Mad Season?

guitarist Mike McCready
The band’s principal members included guitarist Mike McCready of Pearl Jam, lead singer Layne Staley of Alice in Chains, drummer Barrett Martin of Screaming Trees, and bassist John Baker Saunders. Mad Season released only one album, Above, in March 1995.