What are the worst places in Chicago?

What are the worst places in Chicago?

The most dangerous neighborhoods of Chicago are:

  1. West Garfield Park. West Garfield Park is the most dangerous neighborhood in Chicago.
  2. Washington Park. Washington Park is the second most dangerous neighborhood in Chicago.
  3. East Garfield Park.
  4. Englewood.
  5. North Lawndale.
  6. Grand Crossing.
  7. West Englewood.
  8. Riverdale.

What are the worst hoods in Chicago?

According to fbi statistics, the 5 most dangerous neighborhoods in Chicago are:

  • West Garfield Park.
  • North Lawndale.
  • East Garfield Park.
  • Washington park.
  • West Englewood.

Are there slums in Chicago?

The West Side is Chicago’s “other” ghetto. It is not as well known as the South Side, outside Chicago but many consider it among the worst slum areas in the nation.

What is the low end in Chicago?

“Low End, 39th” The Low End are the low end number of the Southside streets. Pretty much the 30s and 40s.

What street is Oblock on?

As gang activity increased in the neighborhood in the 21st century, Parkway Garden Homes became the center of one of Chicago’s most violent blocks. The 6400 block of South King Drive, known locally as O’Block after murder victim Odee Perry, had the most shootings of any block in Chicago between June 2011 and June 2014.

What rappers are from 63rd?

The slang term “63rd” has been used by Lil Durk, King Von, Tech N9ne, Toosii, FBG Duck, Mick Jenkins, and many more rappers.

How far is O Block from 63rd?

The closest stations to O’Block are: 63rd Street & Prairie (West) is 60 yards away, 1 min walk. King Drive & 63rd Street (South) is 226 yards away, 3 min walk. 63rd Street & Eberhart (East) is 237 yards away, 4 min walk.

Where was the black belt in Chicago?

African Americans were primarily limited to an area of Chicago known as the “Black Belt,” which was located between 12th and 79th streets and Wentworth and Cottage Grove avenues. Approximately 60,000 blacks had moved from the South to Chicago during 1940-44 in search of jobs.