What are the UK PMR frequencies?

What are the UK PMR frequencies?

Changes to digital PMR446 Frequency Bands in 2018

Analogue (12.5 kHz Channel Spacing) Digital dPMR446 (6.25kHz Channel Spacing)
CH1 446.00625MHz 446.003125MHz
CH2 446.01875MHz 446.009375MHz
CH3 446.03125MHz 446.015625MHz
CH4 446.04375MHz 446.021875MHz

Do I need a radio licence?

Radio broadcasting licences are required if you plan on playing commercial music whilst broadcasting online. Safeguard your station with the essential knowledge you need surrounding these licences and the companies who provide them.

Is GMRS legal in UK?

FRS / GMRS American Walkie Talkies FRS and GMRS are American official standards for consumer radios widely sold in shops in those countries. They have 14 – 22 channels, on frequencies at 462 and 467MHz. They will not communicate with European PMR446 radios and are NOT LEGAL to use in the UK or Europe.

Can the antenna be removed from a PMR446 radio?

Although the antenna is “fixed” (to meet PMR446 regulations) it can actually be removed to leave a SMA socket on the radio, if you are using the radio where this is permitted. A desktop charger which will charge up to 4 of the CRT 7WP or 8WP radios at a time. A PMR446 radio for use either in a vehicle or as a base station.

What equipment can I use on the PMR446 frequency?

All equipment for use on PMR446 frequencies, whether analogue or digital, is required to be in hand portable form, feature a fixed integral antenna and operate with an effective radiated power not exceeding 500mW (0.5 watts), while the use of base station, mobile radio, repeater or fixed infrastructure is specifically excluded.

Do I need a licence to use PMR446?

PMR446 is designed for ease of use – simply buy the radios and use them – no licence is required, no forms to complete, no knowledge to set them up. The main limitations of this system are that the radios are limited to portables (walkie-talkie type), can not be connected to an external antenna, and are limited to 500mW output.

Which country first introduced PMR446 frequencies?

The first country which introduced these frequencies for licence-free use was Ireland on 1 April 1998. The United Kingdom introduced PMR446 service in April 1999; since 2003, it has replaced the former short-range business radio (SRBR) service.