What are the two ASP.NET rich controls?

What are the two ASP.NET rich controls?

These high-level custom controls provide rich user interface and functionality. This release of ASP.NET includes two rich controls: the Calendar control and the AdRotator control.

What are rich controls list them?

Rich controls are web controls that model complex user interface elements. Although no strict definition exists for what is and what isn’t a rich control, the term commonly describes a web control that has an object model that’s distinctly separate from the HTML it generates.

What are the types of web controls?

Web controls fall into five categories: display, input, selection, validation, and special purpose.

Which of the following is a rich web control?

AdRotator control The list of advertisements is stored in either an XML file or in a database table. Lots of websites uses AdRotator control to display the advertisements on the web page.

What is ASP.NET web control?

What are web controls? Web controls are basically HTML elements wrapped under easy to use scripting tags of ASP+ and provide rich functionality in your FORMs or pages. Web controls range from simple text box to advance girds and lists.

What are ASP.NET user controls?

User controls are containers into which you can put markup and Web server controls. You can then treat the user control as a unit and define properties and methods for it. Custom controls. A custom control is a class that you write that derives from Control or WebControl.

What are ASP controls?

An ASP.NET server control is a tag written in a Web page to represent a programmable server-side object used for displaying a user interface element in a Web page. ASP.NET server controls are tags that can be understood by the server.

What is ViewState and SessionState?

The basic difference between these two is that the ViewState is to manage state at the client’s end, making state management easy for end-user while SessionState manages state at the server’s end, making it easy to manage content from this end too. ViewState: It is maintained at only one level that is page-level.

What is stored in ViewState?

View state is a repository in an ASP.NET page that can store values that have to be retained during postback. The page framework uses view state to persist control settings between postbacks.

What is web Control list?

What is difference between custom control and user control?

CustomControl is a loosely coupled control w.r.t code and UI while UserControl is a tightly coupled control w.r.t code and UI. When using CustomControl UI can be changed in different projects but for a UserControl UI is fixed and can’t have different looks in different project.

What is ViewState used for?

View state is used automatically by the ASP.NET page framework to persist information that must be preserved between postbacks. This information includes any non-default values of controls. You can also use view state to store application data that is specific to a page.

Can we store Datatable in ViewState?

It is only preserved as long as the user is submitting the form. If the user clicks a hyperlink to another page, the form is not submitted and therefore data contained within the ViewState is lost. It is recommended to use ViewState is if the data is relatively small.

Are ASP.NET user controls?

User Control Structure An ASP.NET Web user control is similar to a complete ASP.NET Web page (. aspx file), with both a user interface page and code. You create the user control in much the same way you create an ASP.NET page and then add the markup and child controls that you need.