What are the stupidest laws in Idaho?

What are the stupidest laws in Idaho?

Here’s a look at a few of Idaho’s more unusual laws and what it means to break them.

  • You can’t remove telegraph lines.
  • You can’t sabotage the timber industry.
  • Fornication is illegal in Idaho.
  • Adultery is still against the law in Idaho.
  • Don’t let your `mischievous animal’ go and kill someone.

What is a crazy law in Idaho?

In Idaho Falls, it is illegal to ride a motorcycle if you’re over 88. This is one of the illegal things in Idaho that just doesn’t make a lot of sense. 3. And don’t you dare think about riding a merry-go-round on a Sunday, you rebel.

What is the weirdest state law?

California takes frog rights seriously. According to state law, a person is allowed to possess any number of live frogs for frog-jumping contests, but if a frog dies or is killed, “it must be destroyed as soon as possible, and may not be eaten or otherwise used for any purpose.”

Is it illegal to ride a camel and fish in Idaho?

Apparently, these particular crazy “laws” have been spread far and wide on the Internet. A quick google search reveals countless websites repeating the “fact” that it is against the law in Idaho to fish from the back of a camel or giraffe.

Is it illegal to fish off the back of a giraffe in Idaho?

For local fishers, it is also illegal to fish off the back of a camel across the state. In Boise, it’s illegal to fish from the back of a giraffe.

Is it illegal to not smile in Pocatello Idaho?

Smile Capital. In 1948, the Mayor of the City of Pocatello, George Phillips, passed an ordinance making it illegal not to smile in Pocatello. The “Smile Ordinance” was passed tongue in cheek as a result of an exceptionally severe winter, which had dampened the spirit of city employees and citizens alike.

Is abortion illegal in Idaho?

Abortion in Idaho is currently legal however following the overturn of Roe v. Wade on June 24, 2022 abortion in Idaho is set to be criminalised via the trigger law which states a person who performs an abortion will face two to five years of imprisonment.

Is swearing illegal in Idaho?

Though I don’t condone the use of profanity, I was totally unaware that swearing around women or children could be illegal. But according to this post I saw on my Facebook feed, it is. According to the individual who made the post, “it’s actually ILLEGAL in Idaho to swear in front of women and children”.

Why is it illegal to ride a merry go round on Sunday in Idaho?

While it is not uncommon for states to have laws restricting the sale of alcohol or hunting on a Sunday, it is not so common for states to restrict merry-go-round rides on Sundays. On this subject, Idaho marches to the beat of its own drum by making it a crime to ride a merry-go-round on the seventh day of the week.

Are camels legal in Idaho?

Camelids are part of a broader group called “livestock.” And, unsurprisingly, Idaho does have regulations regarding the importation of livestock, including camels. But nothing about fishing from one. So, the answer is that there is no Idaho law specifically prohibiting fishing from a camel or a giraffe.

Where is it illegal to frown?

Frowning. It’s unlikely you’re going to get fined for this one, but Milan has a law that requires people to smile at any time other than funerals or hospital visits. So turn that frown upside down the next time you’re in Italy’s fashion capital.

What is Pocatello Idaho known for?

Founded in 1889, Pocatello was known as the “Gateway to the Northwest.” As pioneers, gold miners and settlers traveled the Oregon Trail, they passed through the Portneuf Gap south of town. Stage and freight lines and the railroad soon followed, turning our community into a trade center and transportation junction.

Can you get birth control in Idaho?

In Idaho, minors (those under 18) are allowed to get birth control without a parent’s permission. Clinics called “Title X clinics”—pronounced “title ten—provide sexual and reproductive health care to both teens and adults.

How old do you have to be to get tubes tied in Idaho?

Tubal ligation is a form of permanent sterilization. There is no age requirement for this procedure. However, federally funded health insurance plans, including Medicaid, may not pay for it if you’re under 21. Tubal ligation may or may not be the right choice for you.