What are the MLG v8 settings in Halo 3?

What are the MLG v8 settings in Halo 3?


  • Battle rifle, 10 seconds respawn.
  • Frag grenades, 10 seconds respawn.
  • Plasma grenades, 30 seconds respawn.
  • Plasma pistol, 60 seconds respawn.
  • Covenant carbine, 90 seconds respawn.
  • Mauler, 150 seconds respawn.
  • Sniper rifle, 150 seconds respawn.
  • Rocket launcher, 180 seconds respawn. (

What is hardcore ts on Halo?

The Hardcore Playlist is a collection of ranked hoppers that was added to Halo 3 matchmaking in spring 2008. Team Hardcore used to be an own Playlist, but were replaced by the MLG (Major League Gaming) hopper, and now only the name remains as a collection for all the hardcore playlists in Halo 3.

What is a Slayer playlist Halo?

Team Slayer is a ranked Halo 3 matchmaking playlist. Typically, eight players are divided into two teams of four each (although three on three matches are possible if two parties of three are present). The game modes in this playlist are team-based Slayer games.

What sensitivity do pros use in Halo?

Here are our recommended Sensitivity settings for Controller players: Look Acceleration: 3. Look Sensitivity (Horizontal): 5.5. Look Sensitivity (Vertical): 6.5.

What is Halo MLG?

Major League Gaming (MLG) is a North American esports organization that hosts tournaments in a variety of games. From 2004-2012, MLG was the primary Halo eSports league.

Is there a bulldog on live fire?

The Bulldog shotgun tends to spawn in the following maps: Bazaar, Launch Site, Streets, Live Fire, HighPower, and Fragmentation.

Who is the top Halo Infinite player?

1. OGRE2. Of course, the number one spot on the list is Tom “OGRE2” Ryan, and all Halo fans can agree with this. He is a retired American player considered the best player in competitive Halo history.

Who is the best Halo 3 player?

Top Player Rankings in MLG Pro Circuit for Halo 3

Player ID Player Name
1. Elamite Kyle Elam
2. FearItSelf Justin Kats
3. Pistola Justin Deese
4. Snipedown Eric Wrona

Did Ogre 2 retire?

Call of Duty & Retirement In March 2014, Ogre 2 announced his retirement from competitive gaming, citing a lack of enjoyment as the primary reason. He ended his career with over 100 tournaments attended, including winning 5 out of the 8 year ending MLG National Championships (across 4 different Halo titles).

Do they have SWAT on Halo Infinite?

Not every seasonal event in Halo Infinite brings new playable content, but fortunately, Tactical Ops does. With this event, there’ll be a new Tactical Slayer mode, which is based on modes previously referred to as SWAT in past Halo titles.

Does fracture Tenrai come back?

This first week of Fracture: Tenrai will close on Tuesday, November 30 as part of our regular Tuesday rotation, but it will return in early January 2022.