What are the geographical features of Cambodia?

What are the geographical features of Cambodia?

Cambodia’s main geographical features are the low lying Central Plain that includes the Tonlé Sap basin, the lower Mekong River flood-plains and the Bassac River plain surrounded by mountain ranges to the north, east, in the south-west and south. The central lowlands extend into Vietnam to the south-east.

Where is Cambodia geographically located?

Cambodia is located in the southwestern part of the Indochina peninsula. Bordered to the west by Thailand, to the north by Laos and to the east by Vietnam, the total land area of Cambodia is 181,035 square kilometres. The population of Cambodia, 15,205,539, is divided amongst twenty provinces.

Does Cambodia have mountains?

The highest mountain in Cambodia –Phnom Aural, at 1.771meters – is in the eastern part of this range. The Elephant Range, an extension of Cardamom Mountains, runs towards the south and the southeast and rises to elevations of between 500 and 1,000 meters.

What is Cambodia called now?

Kingdom of Cambodia
The region now known as Cambodia has been inhabited since prehistoric times. In 802 AD, Jayavarman II declared himself king, uniting the warring Khmer princes of Chenla under the name “Kambuja”….Cambodia.

Kingdom of Cambodia ព្រះរាជាណាចក្រកម្ពុជា (Khmer) Preăhréachéanachâkr Kâmpŭchéa
• Current constitution 24 September 1993

What surrounds Cambodia?

Cambodia is a country located in the southeastern part of the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia, it shares borders with Vietnam to the east, Laos in the northeast, Thailand in the west and northwest, and has a coastline at the Gulf of Thailand in the southwest.

Does Cambodia have a coastline?

Information on Coastal Areas Cambodia has a coastline of 435 kilometers, covering an area of 17,791 km2 to 18,477 km2.

Is there a Mcdonalds in Cambodia?

There’s No Market For McDonald’s In Cambodia.

Is Cambodia on the equator?

Cambodia | Climate and Weather. Cambodia is located in Southeast Asia in the tropical zone, just 10-13 degrees north off the equator.

Is Mcdonalds in Cambodia?

McDonald’s has never set foot into Cambodia, Ghana, or Yemen.

What is unique to Cambodia?

1. Cambodia’s flag is the only one in the world to feature a building. Angkor Wat is the heart and soul of Cambodia. The world heritage-listed site was built in the early 12th century and is the biggest religious complex on the planet.

What are the dominant features of Cambodia’s landscape?

The dominant features of the Cambodian landscape are the large, almost generally located, Tonle Sap (Great Lake) and the Bassac River Systems and the Mekong River, which crosses the country from North to South. Surrounding the Central Plains which covered three quarters of the country’s area are the more densely forested and sparsely populated h…

Is Cambodia a high or low-lying country?

As observed on the physical map above, Cambodia is primarily a low-lying country with the Central Plain occupying an extensive part of its area. The plain features the basin of the Tonle Sap Lake, the Bassac River plain, and the flood-plains of the lowest Mekong River.

Where is Cambodia on the map?

Where is Cambodia? Cambodia occupies an area of 181,035 sq. km in mainland Southeast Asia. As observed on the physical map above, Cambodia is primarily a low-lying country with the Central Plain occupying an extensive part of its area.

Where are the plains located in Cambodia?

The plains completely surround the Tonle Sap Lake in the western half of the country and wind their way through the middle of the country following the course of the Mekong River. The two basins actually form a single body of water, the whole of which effects about 75% of Cambodia’s land cover.