What are the disadvantages of having bus topology?

What are the disadvantages of having bus topology?

What Are the Disadvantages of Bus Topology?

  • Additional devices slow the network down.
  • Size limitations are always present.
  • Security options are limited with bus topology.
  • Maintenance costs are higher.
  • A break in the backbone can cause an entire network to collapse.

What are advantages of a bus network?


  • Very easy to connect a computer or peripheral to a linear bus.
  • The linear architecture is very simple and reliable.
  • It works well for small networks.
  • It is easy to extend by joining cable with connector or repeater.
  • Use of a single cable lowers costs.

What are the disadvantages of bus and ring network topology?

Disadvantages of Bus Topology The cable length is limited. This limits the number of network nodes that can be connected. This network topology can perform well only for a limited number of nodes. When the number of devices connected to the bus increases, the efficiency decreases.

What are 2 advantages of a bus topology?

Advantages of Bus Topology : It works very efficiently well when there is a small network. The length of cable required is less than a star topology. It is easy to connect or remove devices in this network without affecting any other device. Very cost-effective as compared to other network topology i.e. mesh and star.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of topology?

Comparison Table for Advantages And Disadvantages Of Network Topology

Advantages Disadvantages
For heavy traffic we can use the mesh topology to transmit the data Mesh topology required too many wirings
Star topology have centralised nature for simple operations Setup cost of star topology is high

What are the disadvantages of bus?

Buses may not go where you need to go and you may have to walk some distance to where you need to go. You will have to deal with other passengers on that bus and you more than likely have to sit with someone you do not know. Bus travel is typically slower than a car, train, or aircraft.

Which of the following is the advantage of bus topology?

The main advantage of bus topology is that they are less expensive, easy to use, easy to install, and require small length cable. The bus topology doesn’t affect the whole network when one computer fails, only the whole network fails when the backbone failure affects.

What is bus topology?

Bus topology, also known as line topology, is a type of network topology in which all devices in the network are connected by one central RJ-45 network cable or coaxial cable. The single cable, where all data is transmitted between devices, is referred to as the bus, backbone, or trunk.

What is advantage and disadvantage of topology?

What is advantages and disadvantages of network?

Computer Network Advantages and Disadvantages Comparison Table

The basis of comparison Advantages of computer networks Disadvantages of computer networks
Price Inexpensive Expensive
Operating cost efficiency Efficient Inefficient
Storage capacity Boosts storage capacity Limited storage capacity
Security Less secure More Secure