What are the different types of fireplace inserts?

What are the different types of fireplace inserts?

There are three main types of fireplace insert:

  • Wood burning inserts.
  • Gas inserts.
  • Electric inserts.

What are fireplace parts called?

At the base of the firebox is the hearth, and at the top of the firebox is the throat of the chimney, where a damper can be found in some fireplaces. The front of the firebox is called the fireplace opening, where glass doors can sometimes be found, or where a fireplace screen would be located.

Can I upgrade my fireplace insert?

If you currently have an open hearth fireplace, there are a number of reasons to upgrade to a fireplace insert. Even homes with older inserts can benefit from upgrading to a more energy efficient model.

What is the piece in front of a fireplace called?

Hearth. Called the outer hearth or hearth extension, this is the area in front of the firebox or inner hearth that’s made of brick or tile to reduce the risk of fires. Fireplace Face. The fireplace face or surround is the part of the fireplace surrounding the firebox that you see in the room.

What is the metal trim around a fireplace called?

Andiron: Also known as a Firedog. These metal pieces support the logs inside the fireplace.

Why are fire pokers shaped the way they are?

The poker typically is a straight rod with a curved end that helps you push and pull logs in your fire. That curved end will come in handy as you are trying to rearrange logs & stay away from the flames. A pointed end could help you move the logs around some.

How do you make a fireplace look modern?

17 Fireplace Remodel Ideas

  1. Add Glass Fireplace Doors. A cozy fire on a cold night is a delight.
  2. Get Your Firebrick in Shape.
  3. Install a Mantel.
  4. Opt for a Salvaged Mantel.
  5. Add a Gas Fireplace.
  6. Put in a Fireplace Insert.
  7. Tile a Hearth.
  8. Choose the Right Tiles.

What model fireplace do I have?

The model and serial numbers are located on a “rating plate,” which is a metal plate that’s usually permanently affixed to the fireplace, insert or stove. In gas fireplaces, the rating plate is found in the controls area.