What are the different Foxtel packages?

What are the different Foxtel packages?

Multiscreen. + $15/mth. Watch on your TV screen with the Foxtel smart TV app**

  • HD. + $10/mth. Learn more.
  • Foxtel magazine. + $3.95/mth. Learn more →
  • Multiroom Foxtel iQ4. + $25/mth. ​
  • Multiroom Foxtel iQ3. + $25/mth.
  • Antenna Pacific. + $23/mth.
  • RAI International. + $23/mth.
  • iQ4. + $150.
  • How do I reduce my Foxtel package?

    Log in to My Account. On the My Account home page, click Change my subscription in the My Package tab. If you want to add a channel pack, click Add under the pack you want to add. If you want to swap a pack of equal value, click Add under the pack you want to add and click Added under the pack you want to remove.

    What is best Foxtel package?

    Foxtel Platinum Plus Bundle The Platinum HD package includes 95 channels, including HD channels for those who only want the best of viewing.

    What channels do you get with Foxtel?

    Channels in Foxtel Plus pack

    Channel Watch on demand Watch live
    Universal TV Yes Yes
    FOX Hits Yes Yes
    FOX Crime Yes Yes
    FOX Funny Yes Yes

    How much should I be paying for Foxtel?

    How much does Foxtel Now cost? Start watching Foxtel Now from $25 per month via our Entry Pack (including Pop and Lifestyle).

    Is Foxtel cheaper through Telstra?

    However, the cheapest way to get a Foxtel subscription is through Foxtel from Telstra.

    Is it cheaper to get Foxtel through Telstra?

    Is Foxtel Now free for Telstra customers?

    Telstra post-paid customers who want to add Foxtel Now can now get their first 30 days absolutely free. Sign up for Foxtel Now from Telstra today and start streaming live and on demand sports, shows and movies across over 70 channels and a choice of packs.

    Does Foxtel have pensioner discount?

    So, to answer the question of whether Foxtel still provides discounts for Seniors Card holders and pensioners – no, they don’t.

    What’s the difference between Foxtel and Foxtel from Telstra?

    Foxtel Go is the app that’s included with Foxtel from Telstra. It lets you stream Foxtel content on your mobile, PC or tablet in addition to on your TV through your iQ box. Foxtel Now is the streaming only version of Foxtel, with no installation or iQ box. It lets you watch Foxtel content on your PC and mobile devices.