What are the benefits of Pentaho?

What are the benefits of Pentaho?

Advantages of Pentaho Simple and easy to use Business Intelligence tool. Offers a wide range of BI capabilities which includes reporting, dashboard, interactive analysis, data integration, data mining, etc. Comes with a user-friendly interface and provides various tools to Retrieve data from multiple data sources.

What is Pentaho report?

Pentaho Reporting is a suite (collection of tools) for creating relational and analytical reports. It can be used to transform data into meaningful information. Pentaho allows generating reports in HTML, Excel, PDF, Text, CSV, and xml.

What is the use of Pentaho Report Designer?

Pentaho Report Designer is a sophisticated report creation tool that you can use standalone, or as part of the larger Pentaho Business Analytics distribution. It enables professionals to create highly detailed, print-quality reports based on adequately prepared data from virtually any data source.

What is Pentaho tool?

Pentaho for Big Data is a data integration tool based on Pentaho Data Integration. It allows executing ETL jobs in and out of big data environments such as Apache Hadoop or Hadoop distributions such as Amazon, Cloudera, EMC Greenplum, MapR, and Hortonworks. It also supports NoSQL data sources such as MongoDB and HBase.

What are the services provided by Pentaho software?

The wide gamut of our Pentaho Services span: Pentaho reporting & analysis, data integration & mining, metadata design and development, data integration design and ETL Development, report design and development, dashboard design and development , application integration and performance tuning.

What is pentaho tool?

What are the Pentaho report types?

Pentaho supports creating reports in various formats such as HTML, Excel, PDF, Text, CSV, and xml.

How do I create a report in Pentaho?

Create a Report with Report Designer

  1. Start the Report Designer.
  2. Click New Report in the Welcome dialog box.
  3. In the right pane, click the Data tab.
  4. For the purpose of this exercise, right-click Data Sets and choose JDBC.
  5. Under Connections, select SampleData (Hypersonic).
  6. Next to Available Queries click (Add).
  7. Click.

What industries use Pentaho?

Companies Currently Using Pentaho

Company Name Website Sub Level Industry
BNY Mellon bnymellon.com Venture Capital & Private Equity
Spokeo spokeo.com Website Hosting & Internet-related Services
JPMorgan Chase jpmorganchase.com Banking
Behavioral Health Network bhninc.org Hospitals & Clinics

How to create report with Pentaho report designer?

Open an existing report or create a new report,establish a data source and query,then drag your data-driven fields onto the canvas.

  • Select the data field you want to conditionally highlight.
  • Click the Structure tab and click bg-color in the text section under the Style tab.
  • Click the round green+(Add Expression) icon in the Formula column.
  • How to use the Pentaho Data Integration for reporting?

    Pentaho is a Business Intelligence tool which provides a wide range of business intelligence solutions to the customers

  • It offers ETL capabilities for business intelligence needs.
  • Pentaho suites offer components like Report,Analysis,Dashboard,and Data Mining
  • How to add more columns in Pentaho reporting?

    Switch to the data-tab and select the “Add Functions” icon. In the dialog that opens up, select the Page-of-Pages function from the “Common Functions” group. Once you selected that function and click on the OK button, the function will be added to the report. Functions behave like fields from a data source.

    How to use data integration tool in Pentaho bi?

    Pentaho BI is a very intuitive tool.

  • Simple and easy to use Business Intelligence tool
  • Offers a wide range of BI capabilities which includes reporting,dashboard,interactive analysis,data integration,data mining,etc.
  • Comes with a user-friendly interface and provides various tools to Retrieve data from multiple data sources