What are the 5 example of metonymy?

What are the 5 example of metonymy?

Metonymy Examples: A Stand-in for Other Words

Metonymy Meaning
Silicon Valley to refer to the tech industry
Hollywood to refer to the film industry
ears for giving attention, listening
silver fox for an attractive older man

What are the main types of metonymy?

Types of Metonymy

  • Synecdoche. Synecdoche—using a phrase that contains either the part for the whole or the whole for one of its parts—is considered to be a type of metonymy.
  • Metalepsis.
  • Polysemy.

What is metonymy in simple words?

Metonymy refers to a figure of speech in which the word for one thing is used to refer to something related to that thing, such as crown for “king” or “queen,” or White House or Oval Office for “President.” The phrase “a bunch of suits” for a group of businesspeople is an example of metonymy; it uses the common …

How can I remember metonymy?

An easy way to remember metonymy is that the prefix ‘meto-‘ means change, and the suffix ‘-onymy’ means a name/word or set of names/words. In simpler words, you could say that Metonymy is ‘using a single feature to represent the whole’.

What is a Metanym?

Definition of metanym : a generic name rejected because based on a type species congeneric with the type of a previously published genus.

What is the purpose of Zeugma?

Zeugma can be used to create drama, add emotion or produce a level of shock value. While there can still be an underlying sense of confusion, generally, a zeugma is used purposely. All over Ireland, the farmers grew potatoes, barley and bored.

Is heart a metonymy?

She groups the metaphorical expressions found in her corpus into four categories: THE HEART AS A METONYMY FOR THE PERSON, THE HEART AS A LIVING ORGANISM, THE HEART AS AN OBJECT OF VALUE and THE HEART AS A CONTAINER. (Niemeier 2003, p. 199).

What is an Allonym?

Definition of allonym 1 : a name that is assumed by an author but that actually belongs to another person. 2 : a work published under the name of a person other than the author.

What is the definition of Retronyms?

: a term (such as analog watch, film camera, or snail mail) that is newly created and adopted to distinguish the original or older version, form, or example of something (such as a product) from other, more recent versions, forms, or examples Consider reduplicated retronyms: first came paperback book, differentiated …