What are Seo In Guk fans called?

What are Seo In Guk fans called?

SIG Angels Philippines
SIG Angels Philippines is a group that represents Seo In Guk’s Filipino fans. We are directly affiliated with SIG Angels Global. As part of the Global fandom, we are also called “iHeartriders” (international Heartriders).

Is Seo In Guk in a Kpop group?

Seo In Guk (서인국) is a South Korean singer and actor under BS Company. He won the first season of M. net’s Superstar K and later debuted on October 27, 2009 with his first mini album Bureunda.

Is Seo In Guk in a relationship?

Meanwhile, Seo In Guk put an end to his dating rumors and confirmed that he was single, but he was also ready to be in a relationship when he finally finds the right person.

What happened Seo In Guk?

Seo In Guk Halts Filming For New Drama After Testing Positive For COVID-19. Seo In Guk has temporarily halted filming for his upcoming drama due to being diagnosed with COVID-19. On March 29, Seo In Guk’s agency Story J Company announced, “Seo In Guk was diagnosed with COVID-19 today.”

Why is Seo In Guk exempted in military?

Seo In Guk has opened up about the story behind his military exemption. The actor and singer enlisted in the army in March 2017 to fulfil his mandatory service, but was exempted from duty due to osteochondral lesions, which are isolated cartilage/bone lesions that can cause chronic pain in the ankle.

Does Seo In Guk really play hockey?

The naturally athletic star learned to play ice hockey especially for his “High School King of Manners” role. He took professional ice hockey lessons for two months, practicing with the Kwangwoon University hockey team and star hockey player Ahn Geun Young.

What is Seo In Guk doing now?

As a result of his diagnosis, Seo In Guk is currently in self-isolation, and he will not be able to participate in filming “Minamdang” for the time being. “In accordance with the guidelines of health authorities, Seo In Guk will focus entirely on his treatment while in self-quarantine,” stated his agency.