What are P fault codes?

What are P fault codes?

The most common codes are the powertrain (“P”) codes. This group of codes includes engine, transmission and emission systems. For example, a P300 code is called a random misfire code. It means that one or all the cylinders aren’t contributing as much power as the others.

What engine does a VR Commodore have?

Holden Commodore (VR)
Engine 2.6 L Dual Ram Inline 6 (Export Only) 3.8 L 3800 V6 5.0 L HEC 5000i V8
Transmission Manual 5-speed Borg-Warner T-5 Automatic 4-speed GM 4L60-E
Predecessor Holden Commodore (VP)

How do you reset a VT Commodore computer?

Press and hold the up and down arrow buttons simultaneously on the trip computer control panel. 3. Switch the ignition on while continuing to hold down both buttons 4. Release the buttons when a beep is sounded from the dash (reset will be flashing).

Is VS Commodore OBD2 compliant?

In terms of Holden Commodores: VR,VS,VT,VX,VY and VZ Holden Commodores all use the ALDL protocol to communicate with the major car components. The exception to this is all LS1 V8 ECUs and VZ ECUs require an OBD2 Cable to view engine data.

Is VY Commodore OBD2?

Holden Commodore: VT – VX – VY – VZ V8 all use the OBDII protocol but only for engine related data.

What’s the difference between a VS and VR Commodore?

The VS also has the reflective strip across the bootlid just under the Lion badge, the VR just had a plastic strip. The VS also has the reflective strip across the bootlid just under the Lion badge, the VR just had a plastic strip. Nearly…..it was also model dependent as well.

How much horsepower does a V6 Holden Commodore have?

It has the standard 3.6-litre V6 180 kW (241 hp) and 330 N⋅m (243 lb⋅ft).

How do I know if my car is OBD-II compliant?

Some vehicles manufactured before this date are OBD II compliant, but this varies greatly between manufacturers and models. 2. There will be a note on a sticker or nameplate under the hood stating “OBD II compliant” or “OBD II Certified”.

What scan tool does Holden?

Vident iLink400-AU is a powerful ALDL/OBD scan tool for Holden that allows you to perform in-depth diagnostics, actuation, adaptation and programming on most Holden models on the market.

How long is a VR Commodore?

The height, measured from the ground to the top of the car, ranges from 1400mm to 1510mm depending on the variant. The width is 1794mm across all variants. The length ranges from 4861mm to 4903mm.