What are fentanyl lozenges used for?

What are fentanyl lozenges used for?

Fentanyl tablets, lozenges, nasal spray and injections are fast-acting. They’re used for pain that is expected to last for a short time. Fentanyl patches are slow-release. This means fentanyl is gradually released through the skin into your body.

What is Actiq version of fentanyl?

Actiq is a brand-name version of fentanyl citrate. Actiq is described as a transmucosal lozenge, and it’s intended to be prescribed to patients with cancer to manage breakthrough pain. For someone to be prescribed Actiq, they should already be opioid-tolerant for around-the-clock treatment of underlying pain.

What are fentanyl lollipops used for?

Though prescribed primarily in cancer treatment, the fentanyl-laced lollipop, a sugary, fruit-flavored confection on a plastic stick, has also been used to relieve migraine and cluster headaches, severe back and bone pain, arthritis and other chronic conditions.

Can you overdose on Actiq?

Even if someone is opioid-tolerant, an overdose is still possible. Fentanyl products like Actiq are so much more potent than other opioids, and micrograms of this drug can lead to fatal overdoses. Even a small discrepancy in the dosage used by someone can cause respiratory depression or death.

How do you take fentanyl lozenges?

Remove the lozenge and place the medication end in your mouth between your cheeks and gums. Actively suck on the medication. Twirl the handle often and move the medication along the cheeks in your mouth, occasionally switching sides of the mouth. You should finish the medication in 15 minutes to get the most relief.

What are the side effects of fentanyl citrate?

Nausea, vomiting, constipation, lightheadedness, dizziness, drowsiness, or headache may occur. Some of these side effects may decrease after you have been using this medication for a while. If any of these effects persist or worsen, tell your doctor or pharmacist promptly.

How do you use Actiq?

Start at 200 mcg

  1. (Dispense no more than 6 units initially) 1 – Consume ACTIQ unit over 15 minutes.
  2. 2 – Wait 15 minutes more. 3 – If needed, consume ONLY ONE additional unit over 15 minutes.
  3. 4 – Take no more than 2 units per breakthrough pain episode.
  4. with ACTIQ.
  5. Increase dose to next.
  6. (dispense no more than 6.

What is the generic name for Actiq (fentanyl citrate)?

Generic Name: fentanyl citrate (oral transmucosal) (FEN ta nil SIT rayt) Brand Name: Actiq. Medically reviewed by P. Thornton, DipPharm. Last updated on Nov 4, 2019. Overview; Side Effects; Dosage; Professional; Interactions; More; What is Actiq? Actiq (fentanyl citrate) is an opioid pain medication, sometimes called a narcotic.

Is Actiq a narcotic?

Actiq (fentanyl citrate) is an opioid pain medication, sometimes called a narcotic. Actiq treats “breakthrough” cancer pain that is not controlled by other medicines.

How effective are fentanyl lollipops for cancer pain?

However, during the day to day treatment of cancer pain, doctors can prescribe pills that may take a long time to activate, or they can use fentanyl lollipops that work within minutes. This also avoids the need for an IV or frequent injections. Fentanyl lollipops are also easy to stop using once the pain has subsided.

What happens if you take too many fentanyl lollipops?

Fentanyl lollipops are also easy to stop using once the pain has subsided. With an injection or a pill, a doctor decides on the proper dose and prescribes the medication. If the dose was too small, you might not get relief. If the dose was too high, you might feel intoxicated.