What age is a Trunki suitable for?

What age is a Trunki suitable for?

3+ years
What ages is Trunki suitable for? Trunki ride-on suitcases are suitable for children aged 3+ years and with a maximum weight of 50kg.

Is Trunki suitable for 2 year old?

What age is a Trunki suitable for? The suggested Trunki suitcase age rage is 3+. My kids both used them from age 2 onwards. My daughter is very tall for her age, and was still using her kids sit on suitcase at 6 years old, although her legs were getting a little long for pulling her along.

Is it worth getting a Trunki?

Bottom Line. The Trunki is super cute, kids will likely love it, and it is undeniably well-made. If you only have one little kid and don’t mind some extra potential work for you in the airport and beyond, it might be a winner for your family. However, I don’t need anything “extra” to deal with on a travel day.

Did Dragons Den invest in Trunki?

Dragons’ Den: Peter Jones dismisses Trunki suitcase in 2006 One of the biggest missed opportunities by the Dragons was the children’s suitcase, Trunki. Trunki has been labelled one of the most successful products never invested in, making a revenue of £8.13million.

Are Trunkis useful?

Besides being cute (there are 22 existing designs or you can even create your own), the Trunki is also good at holding a fair amount of kid clothing and toys. You could certainly pack in here for a long weekend, and potentially longer than that assuming you didn’t need to pack bulky winter clothes.

What should I pack in my Trunki?

Paperchase pencil case: My owl one is the best. Colouring book: I couldn’t be without this, unless I have stickers. iPad: Fully loaded with my favourites The Octonauts, Peppa Pig and Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom. Headphones: These are pink, (my favourite colour) I’ve decorated them with stickers so I know they’re mine.

Can Trunki go in the hold?

Standard size Trunki suitcases (46 x 20.5 x 31 cm) can be brought on board and will need to be placed under the seat in front of you. Larger size Trunki suitcases will have to go in the hold.

Can you fit much in a Trunki?

Trunki’s have a depth capacity of 18 litres, perfect for fitting in all your kid’s bits and bobs.

Is Trunki allowed on Easyjet?