Was Doug Hill married?

Was Doug Hill married?

Hill died on November 22, 2021, at the age of 71. He was married twice, latterly to Mary Ann Vranken, and had four children, one of which predeceased him.

How old is Doug Hill?

71 years (1950–2021)Doug Hill / Age at death

Where does Doug Hill live?

After retiring from ABC7, Hill could be heard on WGTS 91.9 FM, a Christian radio station. He moved from Calvert County to North Carolina and is survived by his wife, Mary-Ann, and several children.

When was Doug Hill born?

July 29, 1950Doug Hill / Date of birth

Did Doug Hill pass away?

November 22, 2021Doug Hill / Date of death

What did Doug Hill died of?

North CarolinaDoug Hill / Place of death

What happened to Doug Hill weatherman?

Hill was 71 when he died Nov. 22 at his home in Leland, N.C. His daughter, Maggie Hill, confirmed the death but did not cite a cause. An Air Force veteran who served for six years in the Prince George’s County Police Department, Mr. Hill took a winding path to meteorology.

Is Doug Hill still alive?

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