Tips For Writing An Introduction For A Research Paper

Every student has to write many different writing papers while his schooling in the University. They often meet such assignment as a research papers writing. What is this? This is a type of academic writing in which the author describes his own research on the interesting and important theme, depicts the whole process, his analysis and writes a conclusion. Creating a good research paper is an extremely hard case. So, where to start? Your research paper should begin with an introduction. But how to write it? What should an introduction include? How to make it right? In this article, you can find all the useful advice and get some interesting instructions.

Why do we need an introduction?

The main purpose of the introduction is to introduce to the reader the theme and direction of your research. It is some explanation of what you are exactly writing about and why preparing for reading the main body of your work. An introduction must include a certain hypothesis which you will confirm or disprove with your argumentation. In the introduction, you need to explain the theme of your research work, its range of problems and topicality, significance in the modern world. Exactly with the help of this part of the work you need to interest and intrigue the reader in your research paper, hook and make to continue reading. An introduction can also include the quote or aphorism to show your individuality. Or it can be mention of some science books and works on this theme. It can demonstrate your knowledge on this topic.

How to write an introduction?

As you already know, the most difficult part in research papers writing is making an introduction.

Designate the theme of your research paper. You can do it with the help of several sentences which will indicate the disputed problem. The reader should understand what will be discussed in your research paper and get interested. Your research paper should necessarily include terms and concepts. Try to demonstrate that you understand the meaning of all these intelligent words and convey their sense to the readers who need to grasp all your argumentation then. As I said earlier, your research paper introduction can also include some quotes and aphorisms. But make certain that it will be available to use them in your work.

To prove your high knowledge of the theme of your work is not the end. It is important to be brief in your introduction. All important and interesting information you can use in the main body of the research paper. The introduction is just some kind of preparing for the main thesis and argumentation.

An introduction necessary must include the question on which you will be finding the answer while all your research paper. After entering the question, indicate the main thesis of your academic paper which you will be developing and substantiate with your argumentation.

It will be excellent if you terminate your research paper introduction with a brief review of your paperwork structure. Write down what your research paper includes, especially the main body. The structure might be arbitrary or rigid. Don’t forget to define it more exactly.

Useful advice

  • Remember about the size! Your introduction should not be bigger than the main body of the work. It isn’t logical and looks not very harmoniously;
  • Don’t be ashamed to read previous works. You can see how other people understand this question, what do they think. It gives you an opportunity to find what is missing in this academic work and avoid such a mistake;

Make it clear. You shouldn’t write too much to make people understand what you want to tell them. But if you will describe the problem just in several sentences without anything excess, you will look very smart and able to write academic works.