Should I put fender flares on my truck?

Should I put fender flares on my truck?

Overall, fender flares are an excellent accessory for any truck. They’ll make any truck look more aggressive, and they’ll protect your truck and other vehicles on the road from mud, rocks, and debris. The best part is, in the modern automotive accessory market, there are fender flares available for any truck.

How much does it cost to put fender flares on a truck?

A reasonable charge for a set of professionally painted fender flares ranges from $300-400+.

What are the benefits of fender flares?

Fender Flares will keep a truck or SUV in compliance with Vehicle Equipment Laws, which lowers the likelihood of Police fines. They also help retain resale value by deflecting rocks and debris away from the vehicle’s body.

Should you paint fender flares?

Fender flares will fully shield your tires, keep the paint on the side of your truck in good shape, and ensure you aren’t in violation of any local laws governing uncovered wheel use. One big choice when it comes to any set of fender flares is whether to paint them or leave them in bare black form.

Do Bushwacker fender flares fade?

These are excellent fender flares, Bushwhacker makes a great product. Very sturdy, looks great, won’t fade or chalk up.

Can I paint plastic fender flares?

A note on Flat Style Flares: The Flat Style Flare is a textured part that can be painted, but this procedure should be done by a professional painter with experience in automotive plastics. To prep a Flat Style Flare, be sure to scuff lightly and follow a standard paint system format as listed above.

Can you spray paint plastic fender flares?

Painting your fender flares is easy to do and requires spray paint, time, and some effort. First, you should consider all of your options, and then you need to remove and prepare your flares before spraying them with a special automotive paint.

Do you have to cut your fenders for fender flares?

Mounting aggressive-looking, oversize tires on your truck is great. To cover those protruding tires, you need wide flares that require fender cutting.

What are OEM flares?

OEM fender flares are made to keep the contours of your original manufacturer styling but also to suppliment protection to the wheel wells and the sides of your truck from debris that gets thrown up from the tires. They can also add a little mor coverage for wider tires and give a healthy style boost.

How much width do fender flares add?

The newest product in the Max Coverage Pocket Style Fender Flare lineup is for 2010–2016 Ram 2500/3500 trucks. These flares give 3.5-inches of tire coverage up front and 3.0-inches of coverage in the back (vs. 2.6- and 2.0-inches for our standard ’10–’16 Ram Pocket Style flares).