Is Zeiss a Contax?

Is Zeiss a Contax?

Contax (stylised as CONTAX in the Kyocera era) began as a camera model in the Zeiss Ikon line in 1932, and later became a brand name. The early cameras were among the finest in the world, typically featuring high quality Zeiss interchangeable lenses.

Are Contax and Yashica the same?

Obi-Wan Finale – The Loop In 1973 the Contax name was licensed to the Japanese maker Yashica by Carl Zeiss to create a prestigious brand of 35mm cameras and interchangeable Yashica / Contax lenses in cooperation with the German company.

Are Contax Zeiss lenses good?

Kipon adapter. And here is the list of Contax Zeiss lenses I used on APS-C and M43 cameras, and a short assessment for each: – 28/2.8: Very Good to excellent sharpness, good resistance to flare, nice to use….Contax Zeiss Lenses.

Make Canon
Model Canon EOS 5D
Focal length 50mm
Shutter speed 1/1000 sec
Aperture f/1.8

What are Super Speed lenses?

The Carl Zeiss Super Speed lenses are 35mm format T1. 3 lenses capable of impressive low light performance and beautiful images. These are PL mount lenses that are suitable for a range of cinema camera applications. These lenses provide a vintage feel compared to modern cinema cameras and lenses.

Which is better Contax T3 or T2?

Differences between the three run parallel to the differences between the Contax T2 and T3. The TVS I and II offer a more manual-style control layout with a manual zoom and aperture control, while the TVS III has updated electronic zoom and electronic aperture control.

What are superspeed lenses?

Zeiss Super Speeds are high-quality, fast PL-mounted lenses perfect for all 35mm film and digital cinematography cameras. Featuring a very compact mechanical and optical design, they are also well suited for handheld & gimbal filming. These are the MKIII variant of Super Speed lenses and date from the 1980s era.

Should I buy a Contax G1?

The way that the Contax G1 handles is really good thanks to the small and solid build. The lenses are absolutely brilliant and render beautiful images. The Contax G series cameras are worth getting for the lenses alone.