Is WiMAX available in Bangladesh?

Is WiMAX available in Bangladesh?

Once a much-hyped breakthrough for internet communication, WiMax is now on its last legs in Bangladesh after two out of the three operators that deployed the wireless broadband technology turned off their switches.

Why is WiMAX not successful?

In the beginning, due to acquiring expensive licenses, the WiMAX service providers became financially unstable. The companies were constantly losing customers to the mobile operators, as a result, they were unable to pay govt fees on time.

Who is the company that started the WiMAX technology trade in Bangladesh?

Augere Wireless Broadband Bangladesh Ltd
Augere Wireless Broadband Bangladesh Ltd yesterday launched the much-waited wireless broadband service through WiMax in some designated areas in Dhaka. Augere, one of the two WiMax licensees, is the first company in Bangladesh to launch such service under the brand name ‘Qubee’.

Which modem is best in Bangladesh?

Best Internet Modem Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2022

Internet Modem Model Price in BD
Huawei Power-Fi E8221 3G Data Card ৳ 3,550
HSDPA 7.2Mbps Hi-Speed 3G USB Internet Modem ৳ 1,550
Grameenphone 4G Internet Modem ৳ 2,650
Micromax MMX 219W 3G WIFI Router Modem ৳ 1,499

Which countries use WiMAX?


Operator Country Standard
RACSA Costa Rica IEEE 802.16
Onemax Dominican Republic IEEE 802.16e
Tricom Dominican Republic IEEE 802.16e
Digicel Jamaica IEEE 802.16

What happened Banglalion?

Banglalion officially shut down In December 2020, BTRC owed Banglalion about BDT 205.94 crore. They cannot afford to repay this loan. As a result, despite the license being valid till 2023, Banglalion’s license was revoked.

Is WiMAX obsolete?

It is still widely used for wireless Internet access especially outside the U.S. There are hundreds of WiMAX installations worldwide, but not so many in the U.S. One main wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) is Clearwire or CLEAR, a division of Sprint that still widely deploys WiMAX throughout the U.S.

What is the price of Airtel modem?

Airtel Router And Modem Price in India

Latest Airtel Router And Modem Models Price
Airtel E5573s-606 4G Rs. 1,500

What is the price of modem?

Wireless Modem Price List In India

Best Wireless Modem Price List In India Models Price
TP-LINK TD-W8961ND 300Mbps ADSL2 Wireless with Modem Router ₹1549
Tenda AC10 AC1200 Gigabit Router ₹2498
Netgear D3600 N600 WiFi DSL Modem Router ₹5999
Tenda (D1201) ADSL2 Dual Band Wireless Modem Router ₹7000

Is WiMAX still available?

WiMAX is currently being used by operators across the world precisely for this purpose. Today, you can find WiMAX embedded in many devices including USB dongles, WiFi devices, laptops, and cellular phones. WiMAX is based on the IEEE 802.16 standard family, and meets all the requirements for personal broadband.

What is the price of WiMAX?

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Particulars Home Business
One time Installation Charges (Rs.)* 750 750
Fixed Monthly Charges* (Rs.) 1000 4400
Discounted Annual Payment Option (Rs.)* 10000 44000
Free Email IDs/ Space (Per email ID) 2/5 MB 2/5 MB

How much does WiMAX cost?

WiMAX infrastructure is a capital expense that can be amortized over many years. The typical infrastructure costs $5–20 per student per month, over a five-year period, depending on factors such as population density, terrain, and the size of the area to be covered.

How can I buy WiMAX?

You will need your desktop or laptop computer with Ethernet card and the wireless device i.e. CPE (Customer Premise Equipment). CPE can be purchased from BSNL or can be provided on monthly rent as you apply for WiMAX connection.

What is need for WiMAX?

What is Needed for WiMAX? As with any wireless technology, the requirements for WiMAX are basically a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter is a WiMAX tower, much like a GSM tower. One tower, also called a base station, can provide coverage to an area within a radius of around 50 km.

What countries use WiMAX?