Is Waterman serenity blue wet or dry?

Is Waterman serenity blue wet or dry?

Serenity Blue is a medium blue, but it does take on a mildly purple cast as it dries. Both of the pens that I tried this ink in are on the wet-ish side, but there was never any hesitation from the ink. It was actually a little bit wet, so I’d keep it out of your wet-noodle pens.

How can I tell what model my Waterman pen is?

The great majority of American-made Watermans from around 1917 to 1930 were marked on the end of the barrel with a numeric code that clearly identified the model. The basic system is easily learned, and runs as follows: The size of the nib (and hence, the pen) is the number in the units place.

What color is serenity blue?

Serenity is a cool, soft blue created by mixing blue with white and a touch of red. Its hex code is #B3CEE5. A calm and peaceful color, serenity was 2016 Pantone Color of the Year 2016 (along with its complementary rose quartz) bringing a sense of respite and relaxation in the fast-paced, turbulent time.

Is Waterman blue a wet ink?

Know the General Difference Between Wet and Dry Inks. That’s one reason I recommend Waterman Serenity Blue over other standard blue inks — it’s moderately wet, and does very well in a wide range of pens.

Where is Waterman made?

Crafted in France This early recognition would see Waterman adopted by the French public as an iconic brand, a sentiment that continues today with all our fine pens being made in France.

What color goes good with serenity blue?

Serenity works beautifully with rose quartz—together, they reflect connection and wellness. It also combines well with other mid-tones such as greens, purples, rich browns, and shades of pink and yellow. Silver and hot bright colors can also add splashy accents.

What color paint is serenity?

Our Color of the Year for 2021 — Simple Serenity | 0614 — is a healing blue that feels expansive and hopeful, like an open, clear sky. This color is gentle enough to use on all four walls or as an accent in a bedroom, yoga room, or meditation space. Simple Serenity | 0614 is a soothing backdrop for sleeping spaces.

Which blue ink is best?

Blue Ink Comparison: Finding the Best True Blue Fountain Pen Ink

  • Lamy Blue.
  • 3 Oysters Delicious Blue.
  • Pelikan 4001 Royal Blue.
  • Namiki Blue.

What is the wettest fountain pen ink?

Noodler’s Cactus Fruit Eel Noodler’s Eel series inks are the ultimate wet inks. They are lubricated and will have even your driest pens writing well. Cactus Fruit Eel is, in our experience, the most popular of this line and for good reason.

Are Waterman pens British?

Crafted in France, Waterman pens embody a Parisian style and grace that has defined elegance since 1883.