Is Ural motorcycles Russian?

Is Ural motorcycles Russian?

IMZ-Ural (Russian: Ирбитский мотоциклетный завод, romanized: Irbitskiy Mototsikletniy Zavod, lit. ‘Irbit Motorcycle Factory’) is a Russian maker of heavy sidecar motorcycles. In 1940, the Soviet Union acquired the design and production techniques for BMW R71 motorcycles and sidecars.

What BMW is Ural based on?

The history of Ural began in 1939 together with the planning of the II World War. The Ministry of Defence of the Soviet Union decided that BMW R71 is the best base model for making a copy for military use.

Is Ural a Russian company?

The Urals Automotive Plant, an Open Stock Company, (Russian: Ура́льский автомоби́льный заво́д, УралАЗ; translit. Uralskiy Avtomobilnyi Zavod, UralAZ) is a major Russian manufacturer of off-road trucks under the Ural (Cyrillic: “Урал”) brand. Located in the city of Miass, Chelyabinsk Oblast in the Ural Mountains.

How fast can a Ural motorcycle go?

about 65 miles per hour
With a top speed of about 65 miles per hour (going downhill, in a good wind), Urals are known mostly for breaking down.

How fast are Ural motorcycles?

between 65 and 75 mph
749cc. Our bikes are happy cruising between 65 and 75 mph. Our 749cc engine combined with powerful low end torque is the perfect size to compliment the steering dynamics of our all steel sidecar.

What engine is in a Ural?

Specs. The Ural is powered by a 749cc, OHV air-cooled 2-cylinder 4-stroke boxer engine and has a four speed transmission – but, here’s the fun part – it also has a reverse gear.

Where is Ural made?

Irbit, Russia
Today, Ural Motorcycles is led by a small team in Redmond, WA. We help coordinate worldwide distribution and work directly with our factory in Irbit, Russia to develop and refine the best adventure ready sidecar motorcycles available.

How fast do Urals go?

Breaking Down. But for these Russian vehicles, whose design hasn’t changed much since World War II, just getting started can be a feat. With a top speed of about 65 miles per hour (going downhill, in a good wind), Urals are known mostly for breaking down.

Can a Ural go on the highway?

Re: Ural on the Highway!?!? I’ve done countless mile on the freeway without issue. Keeping it around 60-65 mph is fine under normal conditions. If one is loaded down, or facing unfavorable conditions such as hills, or head winds, back it off some.