Is there a Silent Hill Part 2?

Is there a Silent Hill Part 2?

The second installment in the Silent Hill series, Silent Hill 2 centers on James Sunderland, a widower who journeys to the town of Silent Hill after receiving a letter from his dead wife informing him that she is waiting there for him.

Why was silent hills Cancelled?

Cancellation. In March 2015, sources reported that due to conflicts with Konami, Kojima and his senior staff planned to leave Konami following the completion of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Where can I watch the first Silent Hill movie?

Watch Silent Hill Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

What happens in Silent Hill Revelation?

Alessa being burned alive in her house as Dahlia cries outside. When Heather returns home, Harry dies, killed by the Order. However, he is apparently “revived” in the Otherworld like a ghost, while dead in the real world. Detective Santini being killed when the Otherworld takes over a morgue.

Does Netflix have Silent Hill?

Watch all you want.

How did Silent Hill End?

At the end of the movie, the devil enters Rose to gain entrance to the cult’s sanctuary to finally fulfill the promise of revenge to Alessa. Earlier, Sharon was found and protected by Alessa’s mother, Dahlia, but the cult locates them, intending to burn Sharon and Cybil alive to cleanse them by fire.

Does Silent Hill have zombies?

Gum Head (Silent Hill 4: The Room) Gum Heads are like zombies, only grosser and more naked. There are two variations of this braindead enemy: this ones the Old Type Gum Head, whos easily the nastier of the two versions thanks to his melted-looking face and the bulbous grey tumor protruding out of his chest.

Which Silent Hill should I play first?

To recap: you can start the Silent Hill series anywhere, but you’ll have the best story experience by playing the original Silent Hill before Silent Hill 3, Origins, or Shattered Memories.

What town is Silent Hill based on?

town of Centralia, PA
The 2006 horror film, Silent Hill, was partially inspired by the town of Centralia, PA. The film itself is an adaptation of the Silent Hill video game series which was first released by Konami in 1999.