Is there a medicine to deepen your voice?

Is there a medicine to deepen your voice?

Testosterone therapy given to people transitioning into male will have a direct effect on the vocal cords. It will make the vocal cords thicker. Thicker vocal cords in turn, produce a deeper / lower pitch.

Is it possible to deepen your voice?

It’s possible to get a deep nasal voice, but it sounds more masculine if you speak through your mouth. To deepen your voice, you’ll want to try and lower your pitch. To do this, relax your throat as much as possible, to avoid tightening your vocal cords. Moisten your mouth and throat, and hold your chin up.

What drugs make your voice lower?

Medications from the following groups can adversely affect the voice:

  • Antidepressants.
  • Muscle relaxants.
  • Diuretics.
  • Antihypertensives (blood pressure medication)
  • Antihistamines (allergy medications)
  • Anticholinergics (asthma medications)
  • High-dose Vitamin C (greater than five grams per day)

What gives deep voice?

The deepness of a voice is primarily determined by the length and thickness of the vocal cords. Longer and thicker vocal cords produce lower, James Earl Jones-like pitches. So, if you want a deeper voice, you just need to thicken and lengthen your vocal cords.

What drugs make your voice change?

Cocaine “drip” is the mechanism by which cocaine may affect the voice. This occurs when cocaine that is not absorbed by the nose combines with the mucous in the nose and drips down the back of the throat. This is when the drug is often tasted. Because it is dripping into your throat, it also drips onto the vocal cords.

Do steroids deepen your voice?

The most common side effects include weight gain, acne, and increased libido, which are usually reversible. However, the masculinized voice change associated with AAS, including decreased pitch, reduced F0, and vocal fold thickening, has been reported as irreversible1, 2 despite discontinued use.

Can my voice deepen at 17?

A voice change is one of the secondary sexual characteristics adolescents develop. In boys, this happens between ages 12 and 16; in girls, between ages 10 and 14.

How come my voice isn’t deep?

As your larynx grows, your vocal cords grow longer and thicker. Also, your facial bones begin to grow. Cavities in the sinuses, the nose, and the back of the throat grow bigger, creating more space in the face that gives your voice more room to echo. All of these factors cause your voice to get deeper.

Does spironolactone change your voice?

Feminizing hormones – usually estrogen, plus a testosterone blocker like spironolactone – reverse some effects of testosterone, but changing your voice isn’t one of them.

Can antibiotics change your voice?

In general, no effects on voice or speech mechanisms are associated with antibiotic use. It should be noted, however, that antibiotic abuse/misuse can lead to an overgrowth of Candida in the body, possibly leading to laryngeal thrush. No effects on voice or speech mechanisms have been reported.

Is deep voice attractive?

Research confirms that deep voices give men an aura of power and sexual allure. Men with low, resonant voices are more likely to be perceived as attractive, masculine, respectable, and dominant.

Can testosterone change your voice?

Voice changes may begin within just a few weeks of beginning testosterone, first with a scratchy sensation in the throat or feeling like you are hoarse. Next your voice may break a bit as it finds its new tone and quality.

How long does it take for steroids to deepen voice?

The voice change developed within 8 weeks of starting the androgenic steroids, and despite discontinuing the drug, the voice did not improve.

Why is my voice so high I’m a guy?

During puberty, a surge of sex hormones causes vocal folds to lengthen and build up muscle, more so for boys who experience a spike in testosterone at this time.

Why is my voice so high?

Before your growth spurt, your larynx is relatively small and your vocal cords are relatively thin. So your voice is high and kid-like.

Why is my voice still high at 19?

Vocal cord paralysis or vocal cord nodules or polyps can result in a high pitched voice which is also usually breathy. Comprehensive evaluation of these areas by an ear nose and throat physician should readily determine the cause.

Why is my voice so high at 15?

Can spironolactone deepen your voice?