Is there a difference between 357 MAG and 357 SIG?

Is there a difference between 357 MAG and 357 SIG?

357 SIG. The larger Magnum cartridge has lower speeds but a muzzle energy of 539 foot-pounds, while the . 357 SIG, a faster cartridge, has only 506 foot-pounds of muzzle energy.

How much is a 357 SIG Glock?

around $500
To get your hands on a Glock 32 . 357 SIG… …it’ll cost you around $500.

Is 357 SIG good for self-defense?

357 SIG remains a very capable self-defense choice. Indeed, several law enforcement agencies continue to use the cartridge to this day in SIG P229 or Glock 31 handguns with a great deal of success. While there aren’t nearly as many good .

Does SIG still make 357 SIG pistols?

Sig still produces the . 357 Sig though- E26R-357-LEGION, 229R-357-BSS, those are the SKU numbers on the 2 models they offer.

Is 357 SIG discontinued?

In my opinion, no, it is a cartridge that has seen its day. Even the Secret Service, as of 2019, has replaced it with the 9mm Luger. The . 357 SIG had a fair run, but ultimately the sun has set on this cartridge.

Does the US military use .357 SIG?

357 SIG for 9mm. For years the US Secret Service, charged with protecting America’s financial systems and infrastructure in addition to the nation’s leaders and their families, has equipped its special agents with Sig Sauer’s P229 DAK, chambered for . 357 SIG.

Why did SIG stop making 357 SIG?

The . 357 SIG is a bottlenecked, high-velocity handgun cartridge designed by a collaboration between SIG Sauer and Federal Ammunition Company in 1994. This came about, much in the same fashion as the . 40 Smith and Wesson, as a response to the “poor performance” of 9mm Luger LE loads of the time.

Why is 357 SIG not more popular?

And that, my friends, is the main issue about why the . 357 Sig was never really ever even born. It was never given a chance because it’s been far too expensive for much too long. It never had a chance to catch on, even though, I believe, it is one of the most effective self-defense cartridges out there.

Who still uses 357 SIG?

357 SIG caliber. The North Carolina State Highway Patrol uses SIG Sauer P229s chambered in . 357 SIG. The Herculaneum (Missouri) Police Department uses the P229 and P226 in .