Is the RUF CTR3 a Porsche?

Is the RUF CTR3 a Porsche?

The RUF CTR3 is not a Porsche, but it’s pretty close That’s because the team designing the car wanted to design a car from the ground up instead. Visually, it’s similar to a Porsche, but the design team made some obvious tweaks. For example, its headlights and fenders are similar to the ones on the famous Porsche 911.

How much is a RUF CTR3?

Is our M3 caught up in a BMW identity crisis? Just 31 examples of the CTR3 were ever built and this one has only completed 1,635 miles from new. That goes some way to explaining RM Sotheby’s current asking price – it’s up for $850,000.

What is the RUF CTR3 based on?

Based on the humble Porsche Cayman, this exotic car was inspired by the legendary Carrera GT and has enough power to embarrass modern supercars. The RUF CTR3 has a unique story.

How fast is the RUF CTR3?

The Ruf CTR3 has 691bhp and a claimed top speed of 235mph, a breezy 15mph clear of the Ferrari’s.

Is RUF CTR3 a Cayman?

Unveiled in 2007, the Ruf CTR3 is related to the Porsche Cayman but shares very little in common with Porsche’s entry-level sports car. In fact, it is built around a bespoke chassis from Canadian company Multimatic.

Why is Porsche called Ruf?

The company uses materials from the brand to create cars instead of disassembling cars that already exist. As such, Germany recognizes the brand as an actual manufacturer instead of just a performance brand. Because of this, each vehicle gets a Ruf VIN and not, say, a Porsche VIN.

What is a Porsche 9ff?

The 9ff GT9 is a sports car based loosely on the Porsche 911, built by German tuning company 9ff, founded by Jan Fatthauer.

How much is a Ruf Porsche?

The Ruf RCT Evo treatment starts at €350,000 (approximately $424,200), plus the cost of a donor 964. An optional carbon-fiber body, finessed for greater aerodynamic efficiency and lower weight, is available for those going all-in.

Is RUF still in business?

Ruf Automobile GmbH (stylized as RUF), is a German car manufacturer. The company manufactures vehicles using unmarked Porsche chassis, specifically known as bodies in white….Ruf Automobile.

Industry Automotive
Founded 1939
Founder Alois Ruf Sr.
Headquarters Pfaffenhausen, Germany
Key people Alois Ruf Jr. (Chairman)

Are RUF faster than Porsche?

Ruf is historically known for its record breaking 211 mph CTR, and is the largest, most renowned company to make Porsche performance enhancements….Ruf Automobile.

Industry Automotive
Founded 1939
Founder Alois Ruf Sr.
Headquarters Pfaffenhausen, Germany
Key people Alois Ruf Jr. (Chairman)

Is the 9ff GT9 street legal?

On April 10, 2008, the 9ff GT9 reached 407 km/h (253 mph) (confirmed with GPS), becoming the fastest street-legal car in the world.

How fast is the 9ff GT9?

The car will reach 300 kph (186.4 mph) in a blistering 13 seconds, all the way up to its 271.53 mph (437 kph) top speed. That’s faster than the Bugatti Veyron.

What is the fastest Ruf?

So it’s no wonder that Ruf became a legendary company. In 1987 their CTR set the record for the world’s fastest production car, with a speed of 211 mph (339 kph).

Does RUF use Porsche engines?

It was a naturally aspirated 911 with a stroked 3.2 litre motor producing 217 horsepower. Numerous customer orders were placed for this vehicle. In the years since, the company has made a major mark on the automotive world by producing exceptionally powerful and exclusive Porsche-based production models.

How fast is the 9ff gt9?

What is the history of the CTR3?

The CTR3 was unveiled at the Bahrain International Circuit on the 20th anniversary of the original Ruf CTR on April 13, 2007 in conjunction with the opening of a new Ruf factory at the circuit.

What is the difference between the CTR3 and CTR3 Clubsport?

Ruf unveiled the CTR3 Clubsport variant at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show as an evolution and replacement of the standard CTR3. The Clubsport features a revised engine with power boosted to 777 PS (571 kW; 766 hp) at 7,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 980 N⋅m (723 lb⋅ft) at 4,000 rpm.

Did you see a CTR3 at DRT 2019?

With the digital memories of the CTR3 always burning in the back of my mind, I was more than excited to finally get up close to one at DRT 2019. The example which Parkhaus1 brought out to the show features carbon-Kevlar bodywork finished in Chroma Flash Hologram Matte, a RUF option.

What kind of transmission does a CTR3 have?

The CTR3 is equipped with a transversely mounted 6-speed sequential manual transmission. The transmission is paired with a limited-slip differential. The CTR3 has a frame constructed from aluminum and zinc-dipped steel for the front and passenger sections of the car.