Is the KTM Duke 690 good?

Is the KTM Duke 690 good?

Simply put the KTM 690 Duke is really impressive: in a dream garage you’d have one. The motor is versatile, smooth, user friendly and doesn’t mind revving. The lightness makes the 690 a doddle to ride, fun and enjoyable, perfect for darting up mountain roads or nipping between traffic in on a city commute.

Is KTM 690 discontinued?

Although labelled 690 the displacement for bikes from 2008-2011 is actually 654cc. In 2012 KTM introduced a true 690cc 690, discontinued the ‘E’ model and lowered the suspension and thus seat height of the ‘R’ model to that of the previous ‘E’ model….KTM 690 Enduro.

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What is the price of Duke 690?

KTM 690 Duke is expected to be made available around the price of Rs. 4,25000.

What is a 690 KTM Duke?

KTM 690 Duke. The 690 Duke is the most powerful production single-cylinder motorcycle. The Duke was KTM’s first street bike, and first supermoto, having previously made only off-road and racing motorcycles. In 1998 KTM introduced the 640 Supermoto, so the Duke line became a more street oriented standard or streetfighter,…

What makes the KTM 690 SMC R seat so special?

The slim profile needed for maximum lean angle is helped by short footrests, while a removable rubber insert ensures comfort with street boots. The KTM 690 SMC R’s seat height is 890 mm for ease of access without sacrificing lean angle, while the seat material is finely grained for grip with leather suits.

What is the difference between the Hypermotard 690 Duke and 939?

Dubbed the Hypermotard 939, it was updated this year via a larger bore, which bumps displacement to 937cc and helps the bike produce 99.1 hp at 8,520 rpm and 65.5 pound-feet of peak torque at 7,180 rpm at the rear wheel, versus 70.0 hp/51.4 pound-feet for the 690 Duke and 61.8 hp/47.7 pound-feet for the Husky.

How fast is the Duke 690 in Top Gear?

Overtaking in top gear at highways speeds is more-than fast enough with the rpm sitting at around 4500 rpm which is right on the first step-up in torque, so the Duke 690 builds acceleration nicely. Anywhere from 5000 rpm upward though is really the best place for the tacho needle to be, with the drive on offer being quite impressive.