Is the Duora 10 stiff?

Is the Duora 10 stiff?

Yes, this is a stiff racket but not a very stiff one, we felt that within the high-end Yonex rackets, the Duora 10 is more a “softer-stiff” side. Probably because this is a racket designed for players who like a more balance playing style?

Is Duora 10 good?

Overall, the Duora 10 is a great racket with top notch speed and decent power. You can buy it here at The great thing about the Duora 10 is that everyone can use it! Whether you’re advanced, intermediate, or beginner; singles, doubles, or mixed doubles, it is a great racket for all!

Which is better Duora 10 or Duora Z strike?

Stiffness: Duora Z Strike is having stiffer shaft, shifter shaft provides better repulsion and accurate shot delivery. As Duora Z Strike is having stiffer shaft so player who love to play stiffer shaft will like z strike. As compared to Z Strike , Duora 10 is equipped with littile flexible shaft.

What is the difference between Duora 10 and Duora 10 LT?

The 10 LT is also lighter and more maneuverable at 83g (4U) compared to 88g (3U) for the 10. Aggressive performance, combined with a softer touch and increased ease of use from a lighter frame weight, is certainly not limited to women.

Which is the best Duora racket?

The Duora Z-Strike is the ultimate racket in the Duora series, which targets advanced players. The Duora Z-Strike has a longer grip, which results in a shorter racket shaft. With the revolutionary dual optimum system, the Duora Z-Strike delivers solid net drops and deep clears with ease.

Is Duora 10 good for double?

Nearly every second pro doubles player had a period with the Duora 10. One of the hottest rackets across the doubles pro circuit a while ago from Top 10 to Top 100 for MD. It comes in 3U and 2U, so it isn’t something sluggish or head heavy. Apart from this you can use any racket for doubles as long as you are used to.

Which string is best for Duora 10?


Flex Stiff
Weight / Grip 3U (Avg. 88g) G4, 5 / 2U (Avg. 93g) G4, 5
Stringing Advice 3U: 19 – 26 lbs, 2U: 20 – 27 lbs
Recommended String Control Players: BG80 POWER Hard Hitters: BG66 FORCE
Color(s) Blue / Orange

Is Duora Z strike heavy?

The Duora Z Strike usually comes in 3U variants and is an even balance (that’s slightly head heavy) racket with an extra stiff shaft. As a Duora series racket, you probably wondered about its dual frame system.

Who uses Duora Z strike?

Several professional players are using or used Yonex Duora Z Strike including: the 2017 World Champion Viktor Axelsen. Olympic Champion Carolina Marin. Chou Tien Chen.

Is Duora Z strike good for smashing?

The Yonex Duora Z- Strike is suitable for the advanced player who is strong, skillful, and is looking for well balance racket which can smash well and offer a high level of control to the game.

What is the weight of Duora 10?


Flex Stiff
Shaft Composition HM Graphite / NANOMETRIC
Joint NEW Built-in T-Joint
Length 10 mm longer
Weight / Grip 3U (Avg. 88g) G4, 5 / 2U (Avg. 93g) G4, 5