Is the admiral a real story?

Is the admiral a real story?

The film depicts the storied real-life battle of Myeongnyang in 1597, when Yi led 12 ships to fend off a fleet of 330 from Japan near what is today the South Korean island of Jindo. By that point, more than 10,000 Korean men had perished in a valiant but losing effort in the Imjin War.

Is Admiral roaring currents based on true story?

Based on the historical Battle of Myeongnyang, it stars an ensemble cast led by Choi Min-sik as the Korean naval commander Yi Sun-sin. The film was released theatrically in South Korea on July 30, 2014.

How many trophies has Park Ji Sung Won?

19 trophies
Born in the South Korean capital Seoul, Park is one of the most successful Asian players in football history, having won 19 trophies in his career.

How old is Gyeongju?

Gyeongju was the capital of the ancient kingdom of Silla (57 BC – 935 AD), which ruled about two-thirds of the Korean Peninsula at its height between the 7th and 9th centuries, for close to one thousand years….Gyeongju.

Gyeongju 경주시
Demonym(s) Gyeongjuite
Website City of Gyeongju

Did Admiral Yi lose a ship?

His most famous victory occurred at the Battle of Myeongnyang, where despite being outnumbered 333 (133 warships, at least 200 logistical support ships) to 13, he managed to disable or destroy 31 Japanese warships without losing a single ship of his own.

Is Tunnel 2016 a true story?

Pål Øie directs based on a script by Kjersti Helen Rasmussen. Based on a real-life incident, the story follows what happens when a tanker truck collides and catches on fire in a tunnel. Families and tourists are trapped as a blizzard outside makes it hard for first responders to get to the scene.

Why is Ji Sung Park not in FIFA?

The former Manchester United star succumbed to a continuous knee injury and retires as the first Asian player to both win and play in a Champions League final. Park acknowledged the fitness problem that ended his career during a press conference in his hometown of Suwon, reported by the AFP (via

What is the oldest city in Korea?

One of the oldest cities in Korea, Chŏnju had its origins in the Three Kingdoms period (c. 57 bce–668 ce), when it was a strategic point of local civil and military administration.

Is tunnel a movie?

Tunnel (also referred as The Tunnel; Korean: 터널 Teoneol) is a 2016 South Korean survival drama film written and directed by Kim Seong-hun, starring Ha Jung-woo in the lead role.

Why did PARK leave United?

South Korean star Park Ji-Sung has retired from football after a long struggle with knee injuries, according to the Mirror. His decision brings to an end a glittering career for his country and at club level, most notably with Manchester United.

Why did Yoon Jisung change his name?

The singer said, “My name was originally Yoon Byung Ok. I ended up changing it because things weren’t looking up for me.” Yoon Ji Sung concluded the broadcast by saying, “I hope that you enjoy my solo track ‘In The Rain. ‘ Many actors are putting in a lot of effort for the musical ‘The Days’ as well.